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V8 on a Mac

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I already have v7 running on a Mac using Parallels. Do I have to make the same changes as I did with v7...needing a data_paths.txt file with two lines?

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My experience with TMG 8, beta and release indicates that TMG 8 functions OK with the User Data (The Master Genealogist v8 folder tree) in the Mac Documents folder, I have not tested running with the data on the Mac side extensively, so to be on the safe side I have setup a data_paths.txt file for TMG 8. A future update might break the functionality. If I recall v6.12 worked with the data on the Mac side, when updated to v7 it was necessary to have the data on the Windows side.


:excl: If you have sharing enabled between your Win & Mac data folders and have not setup a data_paths.txt in the TMG 8 Program Folder the User Data folders will be created in your Mac Documents folder when you first run TMG 8.

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The advice in this topic would be the same for TMG8.



Note John Cardinal's suggestion. He has a simple solution not requiring a Data_paths.txt file.





Could not get the link to John Cardinal's suggestion did not work for me.

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