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Creating my own sentence

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I'm trying to create the following sentence:


[P] <was|and [PO] were> ancestors of President [W] <[M]>


However upon saving with all the names in place P, PO, and W. when I go to save it consistently defaults to:


[P] <was|and [PO] were> ancestors of President "[P]" <[M]> (without the quotes).


That is not what I'm trying to say. What am I doing wrong?



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Hi DThom,


It may not be obvious, but a review of TMG Help will explain that [W] is intended to be used for this Witness in a Witness sentence. In a Principal sentence, [W] cannot identify which one of possibly several Witnesses is intended, so is replaced by the code for this Principal, i.e. [P]. Thus in a Principal sentence only [WO] has meaning, which gives a list of all the other people who are linked as Witnesses.


Hope this helps,

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