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adding new Place Style

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As they say in talk radio, I'm a long time listener, first time caller. I've been using TMG for many years after I outgrew FTM, but I haven't been using it to it's full capacity - sort of like having a Ferrari and only driving it at 45 mph. I recently purchased and watched the dvd tutorials, and I've learned quite a bit. One of the feature that really excites me it the Place Style feature for tag entries.


I have many individuals from Ireland or other countries, and I've been frustrated by trying to make the Irish locations fill the U.S. style. I followed the directions for adding a new style for Ireland. I changed label 3 from city to townland, label 4 from county to civil parish, and label 5 from state to county. I then when into a birth tag and entered in the locations - label 3 Caherlevoy, label 4 Killeedy, label 5 Limerick, and label 6 Ireland. The problem comes when I click the sentence button. This is what I get:


Denis John Lenihan was born on 20 Jan 1888 in Caherlavoy, Limerick, Limerick, Ireland.


The civil parish label isn't there, and for some reason the label 5 repeats.


Here is the sentence structrue:

[P] was born <[D]> <[L]>

For birth tags of people born in the U.S., the sentence is fine, no repeats. Does anyone know how I can fix my Ireland place style?




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After you added and selected the new level labels, did you click the [Reset] button to rebuild the template? And in the event tag, you selected the new style to change the style for the place?


So the level labels are now:




Civil Parish








And the template is:


And you selected the Ireland place style in the event tag to change the place style for that place.

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