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Index question and problem

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I have created my descendant report, output to Word 2010. I have TMG Gold v.8.04

I'm using Windows Vista, have plenty of memory, RAM, etc.


The indented descendant report is great, I have managed the various menus & edited many different things. The bibliography printed out fine.

But, no index. I want an index of people, by surname - nothing fancy.


Does the index just print a list of names, with the other info I select, or will it also print out page numbers where the descedants can be found? That is what I truly would like, with almost 490 pages, an index of the descendants with page number included would be invaluable.

Is this possible?


thank you for your time,


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Assuming you turned on the Index in the report definition (I don't see that you said you did that), TMG will embed codes in the file from which Word can create an index, rather than actually creating the actual index. This is so if you do any editing of the report in Word that changes pagination, the index will still be correct. So once you open the report in Word, you have to select the place in the report where the index is to appear, and tell Word to create it. In Word 2007 (I don't have 2010) you do this in the index panel in the References ribbon.

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I know you can't hear me... I am screaming YEAH!!

I know you can't see me... I am dancing around the room


This is so awesome!


In Word 2010, it is located under "References"

on the far right side there is an icon "insert index"


and then it appears, wherever you had your cursor (so make sure your cursor is set to where you want the index to appear)


It indented the last name, added the birth-death dates, and page numbers, adds the index automatically as 2 columns


Thank you very, very much - I am presenting this next week,

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