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burial narrative finding date

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Reviewing V8 after uploading my V6 Data. I am having a problem with the burial tag item.

I have the location information but not the date. I am getting the following line.


Her body was interred at an unknown date at Howe/Brown Cemetery, Sterling, Wayne County, PA.


was expecting something like


was buried at Howe/Brown Cemetery, Sterling, Wayne County, PA.


Any help?





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You are getting "unknown date" because the [D] variable in the Sentence is not enclosed in conditional brackets. The output you are getting is not from the standard Burial tag sentence. Either it's been modified, or was imported from another program (UFT is the only one I know of that provides Sentences that are imported).


The solution is to go to the Master Tag Type list, and edit the Burial Tag. In the Sentence for the Role you are using (Principal, unless you are assigning a different role), add the conditional brackets. Where you have:


...was interred [D]


change it to:


...was interred

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You are in the right place. Open the Master Tag Type list from the tools menu. Find and click on the Burial Tag Type, and click the Edit button. The Tag Type Definition screen opens. Click on the Roles and Sentences tab in that screen. You will see a list of Roles on the left. Click on any of them and you will see the Sentences for that Role on the right. You should be able to edit the Sentences you see.


If you can't edit them it's because you are in Beginner data entry mode. If that's the case, exit the Master Tag Type List and open Preferences (File menu, or right-click in the main "Tag Box" window) and the Program Options > Data Entry section, select Advanced under Data Entry Mode.

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