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Can anyone tell me the difference between son-bio and son-natural please?

I am about to merge two files. One says Son-bio, one Son-natural.

The newer one (natural) has been created from a gedcom, but, initially, on an earlier version of TMG, so had the original.

Will this make any difference to the merged file?

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They are the same and how the tag is displayed depends on the TMG version. They have the same internal ORIGETYPE depending on whether the tag is the Father- or Mother- or Parent- variant.





From the child's view, the tag displays as a Son-, Dau- or Child- variant of the Father-, Mother- or Parent- tag.

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The names of the TMG relationship tag types within the TMG database are simply the name following the dash since it is really the same tag for either side of the relationship and for all types of linked people. For example, the tag type name internal to TMG for all *-Biological tag types is really just “Biological”, although different person’s Details will display that same tag as “Son-Biological” or “Mother-Biological” based on the side of the relationship and the SEX flag of the linked parent or child.


In TMG all relationship tags are essentially equivalent, but only Primary relationships define ancestor/descendant relationships. Relationship tags have no sentences but do have memos, thus different relationship tag type names are only a visual clue for the TMG user in Person Views to describe what you intend and their memos what you found. But since there are no sentences, there is no mechanism to print out the name (e.g. Biological) of the tag type, or to print out the memo other than as a footnote (but only for Primary relationships and only if you select to include the relationship memos on the Report Options Memos tab). In general, the different tag type names are only for your viewing purposes within the databse, and do not affect reports. With Version 8, different tag types can now be color-coded, so different colors for different relationship tag types can provide added visual cues to you.


Depending upon the source of the information, in older English records a "natural" child was the "code" word for one born out of wedlock. It is possible that this was the cue that was intended by this different relationship tag type name.


Hope this gives you ideas,

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