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V8 W7.

Currently have V8 on my "home" W7 PC.

Will need to spend some time at son's house in a few weeks. Since I am in the process of adding a large number of sources to my database, would like to use the time at his place to continue the work. Also, begin the task of updating/adding tags based on the new sources. I do not have a laptop.

(1) I have reread the license info. It appears that I could install V8 on his PC (W7) as a second PC. Is this correct?

(2) If (1) is ok, then here are the steps I see to accomplish my goal to continue source updating (including tag reference to sources).

(a) Backup my home PC TMG data.

(B) After installing V8 on son's PC, import the home backup file to son's V8, TMG.

NOTE: All my exhibits are external on another disk (e.g., "E"). When I do my home backup's, I do not backup external files. Since the work I intend to be doing on the son's PC does not involve exhibits, can I import the home backup and do my work without concern about "missing" exhibits?

© When done on the second PC, I would generate a backup file (no external exhibits) and upon return home import that file on the home PC. Again, the question is, will this work including recognition of the external exhibit folder on the home PC TMG?






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1) That's the way I read the agreement.


2) You Restore the backup when you change machines, not Import it. You Import from a different program (or TMG4), but not from a backup.


You may get a notice about the Exhibit folder when you open the backup on a different machine, asking to change the folder to the default. If so, say No.


3) You will have no issue when you return to your regular machine.

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