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2 Problems: Indented Descendant Chart & Upgrade to v8.08

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I was running TMG v8.04 on Windows 7 (64-bit), and I attempted to save a Descendant Indented Chart to a file. TMG went off into cyberoblivion and never completed, locking up the program entirely and eating up CPU time. After rebooting my computer, I checked for an update and discovered v8.08 was available.


I then downloaded and installed the update, which the program indicated had been done successfully. But when I next ran TMG, the splash screen and the Help screen both continued to show v8.04. When I tried to update again, it said that I already had the latest update.


The Descendant Indented Chart still doesn't work (and hangs in the same way), so I think I am actually still running on v8.04, but the program won't allow me to update, because it "thinks" I already have updated.


Any suggestions on both the chart problem and the update problem?


Brian Neil Burg

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