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Bill R

How to associate a Reseach Log task with more than one person?

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From time to time, we have wanted to associate more than one person with a Research log task. Where the task relates to a specific event concerning the persons involved, we can achieve this by linking the task to that event. However, if the task relates to a more nebulous issue, we have had to duplicate the task for each person, which is not only more work to subsequently update, but also potentially error-prone. Examples of such tasks include, amongst others, research required to resolve issues concerning identically-named people, and research into locations at which people from several families were residing during the same period.


Is there an easy way to associate a single research task with a number of different people, such that the task appears in the task-list for each such person?

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As you have noted, Bill, a Research Task can only be assigned to a single person. What I have done for similar situations which you describe is to create a custom tag type (some users call this a "ToDo" tag type). Then, in a similar way you have already noted, you can assign multiple people to a tag of this type, and a Research Task to this one tag. I choose to do this for all my research tasks. The custom tag tells me Who (the linked people), What (the memo says what I am looking for), Where (the location on the tag), When (the date), and How (I cite likely sources to check). The Research Task I use to tell me Why (the task comment says why I need to find this information), and a sort code at the front of the Task Name assigns its priority among all other tasks.


Other users may have other ideas,

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