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  1. I have adopted a Reference Field scheme which uses numbers and letters, both lower-case and upper-case, and it is structured so that sorting by it gives me a meaningful order for reports and charts. However, I find that TMG seems to use a case-insensitive sort to produce a List of People sorted by Reference Field (putting "a" before "Y"), while it seems to use a case-sensitive sort to produce an Individual Details report of a group of people sorted by Reference Field (putting "Y" before "a"). This means that any summary List that I produce does not match the order of a Details Report. I would prefer TMG to use a case-insensitive sort, since this is how it seems to use the Reference Field elsewhere (automatically upper-casing it for example when entered into a filter). If that is not possible, is there a way to make it, at least, consistent across the different types of reports?
  2. From time to time, we have wanted to associate more than one person with a Research log task. Where the task relates to a specific event concerning the persons involved, we can achieve this by linking the task to that event. However, if the task relates to a more nebulous issue, we have had to duplicate the task for each person, which is not only more work to subsequently update, but also potentially error-prone. Examples of such tasks include, amongst others, research required to resolve issues concerning identically-named people, and research into locations at which people from several families were residing during the same period. Is there an easy way to associate a single research task with a number of different people, such that the task appears in the task-list for each such person?
  3. I think I said in my post, that those are the ones I tried to use - lgt_rlog.bmp and lgt.rlog2.bmp, using the icon selection panel that pops up when I press the "Button example" button in the Custom Toolbar Manager panel. Doing this has worked fine for me for other buttons such as "Open", "Go To", "Search", "Last", etc. The "Tasks" button is slightly different however, in that it changes colour (the two different .bmp files) according to whether there are any tasks for the currently selected person. And specifying either of these .bmp files seems to result in a third .bmp file (rlog.bmp - small. with no text) actually being used for the toolbar button if there are no associated tasks. The same applies to the Exhibits button. I'm getting the impression that the action and appearance of these two buttons on the Standard Toolbar just can't be reproduced consistently in a custom toolbar. Has anybody succeeded in doing this?
  4. I am attempting to create a custom toolbar with large buttons with text, for a visually impaired user, to replace the standard toolbar, replacing some buttons that we don't use with some new buttons that we would like to use. Most of the standard buttons that I want to retain are straightforward. But how should I add buttons such as the Task button? This button has different icons (lgt_rlog.bmp and lgt_rlog2.bmp) according to whether a task is associated with the current person. Whichever of these buttons I choose in the Custom Toolbar Manager, when I show the toolbar I seem to finish up getting rlog.bmp - a small icon without text - most if not all of the time. I have the same problem with the Exhibits button. Any ideas?
  5. Thanks, Jim. Do you happen to know what the issue was? I'm just wondering if it might have had something to do with the problems I've been talking to support about.
  6. Do I get the impression that it is not unusual for Validate to find "potential problems" to fix? I'm in discussion with support at the moment about another problem, but in the process I have been running Validate at the start of each TMG session. And maybe 1 run in 4, the Validate finds typically another half-dozen "potential problems" to fix. The Validate log (LastVFI.log) sheds no light on what problems are being fixed, but I'm not clear what the difference is between a "potential problem" and a "real problem". Are "potential problems" expected to arise in the normal run-of-the-mill use of TMG? Bill R
  7. When I first downloaded TMG UK 7.04 (on the 14th/Feb), it gave me a tmg7uksetup.exe of size 49019KB (to be precise 50,195,114 bytes). I redownloaded it yesterday and the new tmg7uksetup.exe is now of size 49767KB (50,960,943 bytes). Was my first download truncated somehow (it seemed to install ok)? What size downloads have other users got? I haven't yet attempted to install the new download. Bill R