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Bill R

Sorting by Reference Field - Case Sensitive or Insensitive?

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I have adopted a Reference Field scheme which uses numbers and letters, both lower-case and upper-case, and it is structured so that sorting by it gives me a meaningful order for reports and charts. However, I find that TMG seems to use a case-insensitive sort to produce a List of People sorted by Reference Field (putting "a" before "Y"), while it seems to use a case-sensitive sort to produce an Individual Details report of a group of people sorted by Reference Field (putting "Y" before "a"). This means that any summary List that I produce does not match the order of a Details Report.


I would prefer TMG to use a case-insensitive sort, since this is how it seems to use the Reference Field elsewhere (automatically upper-casing it for example when entered into a filter). If that is not possible, is there a way to make it, at least, consistent across the different types of reports?

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