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Joe Cummings

Preposition Cap first letter.

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TMG V8.08 Windows 7 Home.


Given sentences:

[RF:Child] is first. [RS:Child] is second]




Output is:

Charles is first. his is second.


Is there any way to get the sentence to read:

Charles is first. His is second.


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The only way to do that is:

[RF:Child] is first. His is second

You may be able to restructure the sentence so that the capital isn't needed, which might be a better solution if you don't know in advance the sex of the subject.

TMG doesn't try to figure out that you have started a new sentence (how would it know whether the period is supposed to end a sentence or indicates an abbreviation?) Nor is there any way to indicate that a variable is supposed to output starting with a capital letter.

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