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How to select format for LatLong coding?


In Preferences-Current Project Options-Places I have selected "385742N0450023E" format. This is the format I want to use and have been using this since started to use TMG.


Lately (I think with version 8) when place is opened from Master Place List, format is like "68.103056,27.122222". And the same when adding a Place to a tag.

However, in Master Place listing format is like "385742N0450023E"


Is this a known issue/bug? Or can I set the format to look the same everywhere?




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Hi Peter,


I don't believe this is a bug. As TMG Help states under the topic "Latitude and Longitude":

The program will convert non-decimal Latitude/Longitude values to decimal values.

While you can "enter" Lat/Long values using a variety of formats, the decimal value is how TMG now stores recognizable Latitude/Longitude values internally as this provides the greatest precision. At the request of many users wanting this extra precision, TMG changed to decimal as its internal format for Version 8 which is what you are now seeing.


As the label on Preferences-Current Project Options-Places itself states, that Preference choice is for "display" purposes only. TMG Help in the topic about "Current Project Options: Places" states:

Select the format to use for displaying the Latitude/Longitude in the Tag Box on the Person View screen.

Thus it only affects what you see in the Details window for an event with a place which has Lat/Long, as that is the only view of that data other than Tag Entry and MPL. That Preference is simply an aid to the human viewer. I know of no other TMG settings or Preferences to affect or convert the output of Lat/Long.


I believe the Tag Entry and the output in the Master Place List are intended to show what is "actually" stored in that place record because I believe that is what now will be output in reports.


Hope this helps explain,

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