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John W Van Dyke

Problem with Optimize

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When I try to run "Optimize", it starts until it gets to "Event File". At that point I get "File 'c:\...\the master genealogist v9\projects\my van dyke-smith project_dbf' does not exist". 482 REINDEXDATASETS. Then I have the choice of "Abort", "Retry" and "Ignore". If this is telling me my current data is corrupt, how will I know how far back will I have to go to get a good backup?


Thanks, In Advance,


Brewer, Maine

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Delete all of the index files (*.CDX) from the project folder and try to open the project. This will force a reindexing.


There is no answer to your question. You just need to try the backups in reverse chronological order. I would think that the last backup without the issue would work.


If this is a specific data table (which the message should identify), it can likely be fixed with some data loss.

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