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Weird sentence structure using 'witness' and 'associated'

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I'm a Newbie to TMG; but, I did check the FAQ and did do a search of the forum for 'witness' & 'associated' and found no resolution to my problem of a principal witnessing himself or being associated with himself.

I imported my 1,700+ individuals directly from Family Tree Maker into TMG 9 (not via GEDCOM because of hundreds of image files). I have not made any data changes within TMG (yet) until I have explored it and am comfortable with it.

The first discomfort came when I ran a narrative descendancy report on an ancestor. Strange and unacceptable sentence structures appeared from my imported FTM data, e.g.:

"John Doe ... He witnessed the beginning of military service of John Doe in [place]."

[ He was in the military.]

"James Doe ... He was a witness when James Doe was moved to [place] in [date]."

[ He moved to etc.]

"Fred Roe ... He was associated with Fred Roe Commissioned officer, United States Navy on [date] in [place] ... He was associated with Fred Roe Retired USN on [date] [place] ... He was a witness when Fred Roe was Built retirement home (where/when)."

[ He was a Commissioned officer etc.]

[ He retired USN etc.]

[ He built retirement home etc.]

"Jane Roe was associated with Jane Roe a teacher for 25 years in [place]. She was Jane Roe's housemate in [place] ... She was a witness to the fact that Jane Roe was living in [date] in [place]."

[ She was a teacher for 25 years etc.]

[ She resided in [place]. ]

[ She was living in [year] at [place]. ]

"Mary Roe witnessed the SSN of Mary Roe. She witnessed the Namesake of Mary Roe."

[ Her SSN was nnn-nn-nnnn.]

[ Her grandmother, Mary Young, was her namesake.]

Is there a global correction that I can make to sentence structures to correct this?

I'm 78 and I'm afraid I'll have to dump TMG if I have to waste my remaining time correcting each and every existing record rather than using my time profitably on genealogical research.

Hopefully an ultimately satisfied TMG user ...

Ted Weeks

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Ted -


In TMG, see the Help topic 'Import from FTM'.


Also please see the Announcement re the future of TMG here.


If you wish to continue using TMG as many of us will be, you may want to follow the discussions on the TMG mailing list, current archives here.





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