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Is "Exhibit Highlighting" in V9?

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I am slowly discovering the features built into V9. Does this version come with "Exhibit Highlighting" feature, which was promoted in V7? I could not find it listed in the manual on PDF.

Thank you for your patience with someone who asks lots of questions.


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Hi Carol,


As described in the new features for V7:

"Exhibit Highlighting allows you to "draw" on an image to annotate it. You're actually drawing on a invisible layer above the image, however, so the original is not changed."


Yes, this feature is very much still in V9. When in the Exhibit Log if you select an image exhibit and click on the View/Edit button (or double click the image exhibit icon), you will be in the Image editor. It offers a few items on its toolbar under the "Highlight layer" heading to draw on the image or make boxes or circles on the image.


This image editor is not as feature-rich as a dedicated separate image editor, but it can be very useful.


More details can be found in the internal HELP under the topic "Add Image Highlight".


Hope this gives you ideas,

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