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Registration for TMG V8.4

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I have been running TMG v8.4.0 since it first came out and just recently I have been having problems with the registration. After a week or so when I log into the program it telling me my trial version had expired

and to enter the unlock code, which I have, however when I do this I get a window telling me that I have to Log in as administrator in windows, I am the administrator. I have to projects going and the registration gives me the same result when I enter the unlock code. However when I go to the sample project it takes the unlock code and I'm good to go for until it happens again. Is there a way to correct this problem?

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If you are running Windows 8 or later...


Run TMG as Administrator. (Right-click on the TMG shortcut and select 'Run as administrator'.)

Then enter your registration information and, after clicking [OK], exit TMG.

Now run TMG normally as a standard user.

(The registration information is now stored where Windows 8 won't remove it.)


btw... You want to update to v8.08 if you are going to continue to use TMG8.

Edited by Jim Byram

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Thanks Jim


My next question is why would I want to upgrade to v 8.08 if 8.04 is working fine for me?


If I must up grade to 8.08 where do I go to do that and will the registration number change?

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The following is an extract of the Version 8.08 Change Log. In only contains the descriptions of the changes after Version 8.04 up to Version 8.08. As you will see it contains a number of bug fixes which are likely to be of value.


Note that Version 8.05 has a change to the way that Role variables are stored internally within the database files. If you use Role variables in tag sentence templates, especially in multiple languages, then I suggest you first read the summary of those changes here. This fix/change resolved some unexpected behavior of Role variables which was first introduced in Version 8 and which you may have come to expect in Version 8.04.


To upgrade you simply need a Version 8.08 installer file, but not sure where you can find one now. Maybe some other user can point you to where it can be obtained. Your existing Version 8 registration will be accepted.


Hope this helps you decide. I would echo Jim's suggestion to upgrade.





[v8.08.0000] 22 Apr 2013

Bug Fixes

  • Tag Entry - Open a name tag or a relationship tag, click [Tag type], select the same or a different tag type and click [select]. You got: ErrorMarker: Property RNETYPEOLD is not found. 151 FRMTTL.CMDOK.CLICK.
  • Add Tag - Open the Tag Type List from the Add menu or Tag Box toolbar, select a name or relationship tag type and click [select] to add the name or relationship tag to the person. You got: ErrorMarker: Property RNETYPEOLD is not found. 136 FRMTTL.CMDOK.CLICK.
  • Tag Type Definition screen / Roles and Sentences tab - The Principal and Witness roles could be renamed and that should not have been possible.
  • Tag Type Definition screen / Roles and Sentences tab - Some cosmetic changes were made to this screen and to various warning messages.

[v8.07.0000] 19 Apr 2013


  • Tag Type Definition screen - Four buttons have been added to set thedefault role for principals (or to set the default roles for principal 1 and for principal 2) and to set the default role for witnesses. For standard tag types, the defaults will be set to "Principal" for principals and "Witness" for witnesses. For custom tag types, the defaults will be set to the first (for principals) and second (for witnesses) role in the list. Thereafter, you can change the defaults for each tag type as you wish. This will not change any role assignments for existing tags.
  • New projects (and projects created by an import) - The initial first two roles in the role order for all standard tag types will be Principal and Witness respectively. You can change that after the project is created.o Tag Entry - Clicking [Tag type] from an event tag, making no changes, and immediately clicking [select] will no longer result in any changes to the roles used by that tag.
  • Tag Entry - Clicking [Tag type] from an event tag, selecting a new tagtype and clicking [select] will result in the following: Any roles existing in the new tag type will be retained and will use those roles as defined in the new tag type. Any roles that do not exist in the new tag type will be changed to the new default roles (as defined above) for the selected tag type.

Bug Fixes

  • Program start - When starting the program, a few users got: Program Error / Data type mismatch." Click Ignore. "Program Error / Variable'LNMESSAGELEN' is not found.
  • UFT Import - The UFT import hadn't been updated to deal with the changes in how roles are stored in the tag type table in v8.05 and later.o Open project - Several users were seeing a stack space error when theyopened a project after starting the program.
  • Move Person - An error occured when a person is moved from one data set to another: Invalid subscript reference. 313 MERGEROLES
  • Add Tag - A user reported an error when adding a Burial, Death or Marriage tag using CTRL+U. CTRL+D or CTRL+M respectively: ErrorMarker: Subscript is outside defined range. 24 GETPARTID.
  • Tag Entry - The role lists in Tag Entry showed the role IDs of deactivated roles.
  • Tag Entry - The warning message when a role was selected for a person of the wrong sex displayed the role ID# rather than the role name.
  • Tag Entry - When in Beginner mode, roles displayed as role IDs rather than as role names.
  • Tag Entry - A user got an error when clicking the [sentence] button toopen the Sentence field: Variable 'ORIGINAL' is not found. FRMPROLE.MROLESFORRCM.
  • Narrative reports - There was an 'end of sentence' processing issue innarrative reports where an erroneous character would show up before thesentence-ending period. The erroneous character differed depending on the report output destination (screen or different filetypes).o Narrative reports - There were erroneous characters showing repeatedly in Norwegian reports output to RTF.
  • Master Source List - Some refinements were made as to what is allowed when accessing the Master Source List from the Tag Entry / Citation screen.
  • Master Tag Type List - When a project was updated from TMG7 to TMG8, tag types with custom styles that have new roles added when updating to TMG8 were displaying the wrong style in the MTTL. They all showed the correct custom style when you opened the Tag Type Definition screen.
  • Master Tag Type List - Errors occurred when using the translate function to import sentences.
  • Sentence construction - The [R+:rolename] role variables wereincorrectly stored when the project was updated to v8.05. They have now been fixed.

[v8.06.0000] 28 Mar 2013


  • The numbering of multiple .LOG files and .LST files added to the project folder has been changed to a numeric sequence (file, file1, file2, etc.).
  • Role variables - When you edit a field containing a role variable and save the field, any spaces before or after the role name within the role variable will now be removed.

Bug Fixes

  • Preferences / Program Options / Reports - "WordPerfect 7" is no longer included in the 'Preferred output types' list.
  • Validate File Integrity - An error could occur when using the [search in subfolders] feature: Variable 'TFILENAME' is not found. MENUOBJTMG.MVALIDATEINTEGRITY 331.
  • Validate File Integrity – An error could occur when using the [search in subfolders] feature, running VFI, and then running VFI again: Operator/operand type mismatch 23 FRMAD2.INIT
  • Tag Entry - Clicking [Tag Types] from a relationship tag and clicking [Add] gave an error: ErrorMarker: Array dimensions are invalid. 9 TAGTYPEDEFINITION.MUPDATERCRCO
  • Tag Entry - If a tag type has custom roles, but Principal and Witness do not have sentences, then the custom roles do not show in the drop down lists in the Tag Entry window.
  • Tag Entry / Sentence - Prompt to copy principal sentence to other principal didn't work.
  • Sentence construction - The [R+:rolename] sentence variable was broken.
  • Dates - There were some issues with date display and saving the data when the program date display format was set to yyyy.mm.dd.
  • Journal report - When 'Blanks for missing data' was selected, the settings for Birth, Marriage, Death and Burial on the Tags tab weren't being respected when unselected.
  • Tag Type Definition Screen - Name group tag types couldn't be edited.

[v8.05.0000] 22 March 2013


  • WordPerfect has been added to the Report Destination / File Type selections on the Report Definition Screen.
  • TMG v8.05 includes a major redesign of how roles are stored in the database. For more details, see...
  • A [search in subfolders] option has been added to the 'List of folders for location' screen under Validate File Integrity. To use this feature, add a folder to search for missing external exhibit files. Select this folder in the list and click the [search in subfolders] button. This will mark the folder with an "*". When Validate File Integrity is run and the 'Search for missing external exhibits' option is selected, this folder and its subfolders will be searched.
  • List screens - The default data set selection on the list screens (Picklists, Master Source List, Master Repository List, Master Place List, Master Event List, Master Tag Type List, Master Style List, Source Types, Source Elements) were revised. When there is only one data set, the data set selector will be inactive.
  • Add Person - Now all methods of adding a new spouse use the role "Principal" by default for both principals in the new Marriage tag regardless of the sort order of the roles in the tag type. The only way to get a different role is to include the "Principal" field of the Marriage tag type in the Add Person template and manually change the role.

Bug Fixes

  • OCX registration - When you run TMG8 for the first time after installing under Windows 8 and try to open a project, some users got an error message about three OCX registration failures.
  • GEDCOM import - Editing an imported custom tag type could give an error. ErrorMarker: Function argument value, type, or count is invalid. 11 TAGTYPEDEFINITION.MUPDATELIST.
  • Validate File Integrity - VFI could change the custom role assigned to a witness to the role 'Witness'. This issue is resolved by the new role design (above).
  • Validate File Integrity - When a user ran VFI, a very large number of surety values were fixed. This should happen only once but in some cases, the issue reoccured periodically. Further changes were made to resolve this issue.
  • Accent - An error could occur with multiple field accents after moving a field up and clicking [Apply]. Operator/operand type mismatch. 51 CUSACCENTMANAGER.MGETCOLOR.
  • Tag Entry / Memo / Embedded Citations - The last cited source for the tag wasn't being highlighted when the Master Source List was opened during the embedded citation entry process.
  • Tag Entry / Sentence - When a role sentence used [W] and this role was assigned to a Principal, then the sentence preview displayed "unknown witness" but reports output the name of the Principal.
  • Tag Entry / Add Witness - Under certain circumstances, a selected name would revert to the primary name when the Witness was saved.
  • Tag Entry / Add/Edit Witness - When the ID# was entered directly, the contents of the sentence field were copied to the memo field (and would overwrite any existing data in the memo field.
  • Sentence construction / Event variables - Some issues with the [:NP:] variable were fixed.
  • Name tags - An error could occur when creating Name-Var tags using +V. Illegal redefinition of var LLPRIMARY. 80 FRMNAMETAG.CNTBASICDETAIL.CNTNAME1.MSAVE.
  • Project Explorer - When filtering for Givenname, the 'Does not contain' operator didn't work.
  • Project Explorer - Some names were not being displayed after merging projects or data sets.
  • Project Explorer - An error could occur when expanding a family. GC_PE_SP' is not found. 69 FRMEXPLORER.CNTPVIEW.CNTTREE.MSTANDARDEXPAND.
  • Custom toolbars - The images of active/inactive custom toolbar buttons were not working correctly and have been fixed.
  • Add Person - If you use Add Person and use a existing place that has a place style that differs from the settings, you get a prompt to change the place style to match the settings [Yes] or to keep the existing place style [No]. If you choose [No] to keep the current place style, the choice was ignored and the place style was changed to match the settings.
  • Add Person - After updating a TMG7 project to TMG8, an error could occur when using Add Person. Variable 'LNS37' is not found. 48 CREATEAPTEMPLATE.
  • Add Multiple People - The columns on any Add Multiple People form can be moved left/right to show a different order. If you move a Name part column out of order, the name would be sorted incorrectly in the Picklist.
  • Report Definition Screen / Options / General tab - If you type an invalid value of '0' into the 'Number of generations' field or the 'First Reference Number' field and try to change the tab or save the Options, the program would hang.
  • Reports - Diacritics or special high bit characters entered in the researcher information were not printing in reports.
  • Narrative reports - The sequence of witnesses (as determined by the Tag Entry screen) in reports wasn't honored when roles were used.
  • Audit report - The "Birth after non-birth events" and "Death before non-death events" tests were being conducted only on non-primary tags. They should be conducted only on primary tags.
  • Descendant Box Charts / Options / data Types - When a new data type was added, this change was not being saved when the chart configuration was saved.
  • Family Group Sheet - The presence of should affect the option on the Report Options "Memos" tab of "Memos that are not included in the sentence". For the FGS it did not.
  • Journal report - On the General tab of the Journal report under Direction/Ancestor, selecting the box to restrict data for siblings to "BMDB only" didn't work.
  • Journal report - When a report was indexed by both given name and places, the name index was by surname rather than by given name.
  • Kinship report - Some spouses of siblings were missing.
  • List of Names - An error could occur with the Subject filter when filtering on a flag. For example... 'Subject... SEX = M END'. LCVALUETYPE' is not found. 71 XFILTERNAMES.
  • List of People - The filters 'Any Event Sentence (Default) Is not empty' and 'Any Event Sentence (Default) Is empty' resulted in an error. Function name missing. 41 XFILTERFILE_EDSENTENCE.
  • List of Tag Types - The filters for Sentence Principal and Sentence Witness returned incorrect results for the operators 'Is Empty' and 'Is Not Empty'.
  • Compressed Pedigree Report - Truncate to printer didn't work when the report was output to Word.
  • Source templates - If you use Split CDs, and repeat the same segment in a template, and have conditional brackets around the second appearance, those conditional brackets appear in the output notes.
  • Master Place List - An error could occur when sorting the MPL. ErrorMarker: Array dimensions are invalid. 74 FRMPLACESORT.INIT.
  • Master Tag Type List / Tag Type Definition screen - The placeholder sentences for a new tag will now contain the tag name rather than 'New Tag'.
  • Tag Type import - An error could occur during tag type import. Invalid subscript reference. 390 FRMTTL.MIMPORT.
  • Tag Import - The error message when trying to import tags from an earlier program version was updated.
  • Merge two people - If you merge two people you could get the same tags from both people marked as primary.
  • Other issues - Dozens of minor corrections were made including text messages, cosmetic issues and language issues.

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