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Maggie Stewart

Updating from Ver 8 to 9

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My husband has been an avid user for years. I am having a real problem because of my ineptness. I went to import his latest project in Version 9, and it disappeared. I did that after having surgery with anesthesia, so that is probably why things "blew up." I did not make another copy of his backup, and I realized that the project I lost was not backed up. I have several projects as we have used different versions. I use TMG on PC Windows 7. I have had some troubles installing and then importing. I am searching for his latest projects and having a problem. I know *.pjc is the latest file, but what are the extensions of the opening project files in the earlier versions, like 8, as I can't find anything to open?


I know I am not writing as clear as I would like, but it's almost impossible to put my problem into words.


Thank you for any help.


Ilona Stewart

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Win8 and Win9 are different programs and use different program folders and different data folders.


Win9 would check the Win9 projects folder by default so would not be aware of any projects in the Win8 projects folder. I suspect that this is your issue.


You need to backup any Win8 projects (that you haven't transferred) and restore them in Win9.


And you need to backup at the end of every work session and make a copy of those backups to some location other than on your computer hard drive.

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