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Wrong relationship shown

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I descend from two siblings. One sibling is shown with the correct relationship of "....grandmother" while the other sibling is shown as "....uncle". Despite refreshing relationships, the error remains.


I have tried unlinking and relinking, and also unlinking and creating a new person as father, then merging the new father with the "uncle" - then the correct relationship is shown but the new person always has the new identity number, rather than retaining the old (and I have tried ticking each before merging ). I need to retain the identity number as it relates to references outside the database.


Help please.

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Which ID# is retained depends who is on the left when merging.


You can always change the ID# to the one you want. (Tools / Renumber People)

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Thank you!


I found that if I changed the original person to the left side, the relationship did not correct itself. However, if I left the new father on the left, and then changed the number after the merge, the relationship did remain corrected. (I hope I said that clearly....)

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