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I hope someone can help. Using version 8 UK edition I talked about this before but outsourcing now.


I want to put a simple box chart for every family (chapter) in my book. I have looked at all the free templates etc. Heritage has the style I would like but you have to use the programme. I had one done in excel because I have families with 15-16 children. Also I have families with a few children. I am outsourcing this work because I don't have the skills or time, but have changed my mind about the style.. I need 2.5 - 3cm margins. TMG box chart is the closest to what I want in terms of design. At the end of each chapter I will enclose a descendant chart.




What skill set should I look for when employing someone to do the charts?. A template may work for some families but I think I will need many done manually for each family. Is this better done in word, excel or graphics?. Who would have the skills to do these quickly? It will be provided to my typesetter as a jpeg file.


I gave my contractor a family group sheet to work from. This seems to be the best way of providing info.

Kind regards


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Not sure about what would be the appropriate skill set for a contractor, but would probably look for someone with graphic skills and familiarity with genealogy charts.


By the way, you posted this twice so I have deleted the duplicate.

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Hi Michael


Word has a lot of design tools I hadn't used before. It took me all day but I managed to create enough for a contractor to set up a template.


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