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Ron Stonehouse

Importing FTM 3 to TMG

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Can someone tell me if it is possible to import a FTM 3 project into TMG. If not what version of FTM would I need to have a back up saved in to be able to import it into TMG version 9.05?


Thanks Ron

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I think that it's unlikely that FTM 3 will be imported. Did you try?


FTM 16 would work... maybe some earlier version such as FTM 2005 but there is no documentation to help.


The real question is what versions of FTM can import a FTM 3 file.



Family Tree Maker 2008-2014 does not support .FBC or Family Tree Maker 1.0 - 4.0 file types. To import these files, you will need to use the Family Tree Maker 2005 Starter Edition as a go-between.
Opening old and unsupported files in Family Tree Maker
There is a download link for the FTM 2005 Starter Edition on the above page.

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