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  1. Blank Family Group Sheets

    Is it possible to print blank family group sheets? My wife and I are off to a Canadian Genealogy Conference on Thursday (October 20, 2016) and we will be visiting the Ontario Provincial Archives. We would like to take blank sheets to record our findings.
  2. Printing Reports

    John I'm using TMG 9.05.
  3. Printing Reports

    Yes you are correct. Only the file is created and it is not displayed on the preview. I just reset the default settings for this report and re-ran it and that did not fix the problem. I have also uninstalled TMG and reinstalled and this did not help. Ok, so my problem has returned. Even though I had it working, now I still can't preview to the screen. It seems Windows 10 arbitrarily re-installs the Windows 10 PDF driver and printer along with "send to one note" neither of which I use nor want to at this time. I'm still hopeful that someone has an answer for me..
  4. Importing FTM 3 to TMG

    Can someone tell me if it is possible to import a FTM 3 project into TMG. If not what version of FTM would I need to have a back up saved in to be able to import it into TMG version 9.05? Thanks Ron
  5. Printing Reports

    Jim, I resolved the problem, I hope. I had to uninstall Microsoft's Windows 10 built-in PDF printer and then reinstall TMG's pdf printer. Seems to be working but I will have to keep an eye on it for future reports. I've tested it with Descendant Indented and List of people with a filter. thanks for your suggestions
  6. Printing Reports

    Yes you are correct. Only the file is created and it is not displayed on the preview. I just reset the default settings for this report and re-ran it and that did not fix the problem. I have also uninstalled TMG and reinstalled and this did not help.
  7. Printing Reports

    Good morning, I originally posted this on February 23, 2016 on the TMG-List and received suggestions from two list members. After trying their suggestions, I still have no solutions, so I'm posting it here in the hopes that someone on the list has the solution. As a point of interest I tried to print various reports to the screen (as well as other output options) but they all seem to want to go to a RTF file. I really need to fix this problem so any and all help is appreciated. TIA ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope someone has a solution to this problem. I trying to create an indented descendant chart for a specific individual and to have the output checked to go to the screen. However, each time I generate the report the output is sent to a .rtf file even though the screen preview option is the only option checked for output in the report destination portion of the report. I have reset the report to defaults but not even this has helped. Can anyone help? Ron PS I'm running Windows 10 64 bit fully patched.
  8. 2014 Conference

    I am fully aware that Bob has delegated the coordination and "planning" of this years conference to Julie Atkins and Craig Scott, but it has been some time since there has been and update (or I missed it because of email problems). If there has been and update since the 3 Mar 2014 newsletter I would appreciate it if someone could send it to me at ron.stonehouse@stonehouse.ca. Please use the subject line 2014 Genealogy Conference. Thanks
  9. Wishlist - Source Merge

    Joan, I agree and it makes a lot of sense. That's an option I never thought of. Thanks for pointing that out. Ron
  10. Wishlist - Source Merge

    The following is a conversation that I have had with Phil in Tech Support. As you can see he has suggested I post it here in case others might be interested. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Ron, I can add it to the 'Wish List' but to be honest it will carry more import and impact to the designers if you post it the Support Forum and garner some support from other users. The more folks that are clamoring for an enhancement the more apt it is to become reality. Phil At 07:18 PM 7/9/2007, you wrote: >Thanks Phil, > >The issue is two fold. >1. One is where the citation detail is different as you mentioned, but >that is less common in my circumstances than what I'm encountering. >2. The other is Person A has a source of "World Wide Web" with sureties >of "1" and person B has a source of "personal information" >with sureties of "2" on let's say a birth tag. What I was getting at >was would it be possible for source "personal information" to be added >to the source list of person A during the merge. Person A would then >have two sources, 1 = "World Wide Web" with sureties of "1" and a >second of "personal information" with sureties of "2" on the remaining >birth tag. > >I can hope anyway. > >Ron > > >---------- >From: Phil DeSilva [mailto:phild@whollygenes.com] >Sent: Monday, July 09, 2007 3:46 PM >To: Ron Stonehouse >Subject: Re: Future Wishlist or Anomaly > >Ron, > >I believe that what you are seeing is normal activity. You aren't >deleting the source however. You are deleting the citation of that >source. When you uncheck an event on the merge page you are effectively >telling TMG to delete that event. With no event there can be no >citation of the information on that event tag. > >Now I haven't tested the following but intellectually it seems sort of >a resolution to the issue. I'm assuming that in your example the same >source is present in both pre-merge data sets. i.e. 1910 census. After >the merge you now have 2 1910 sources in your project. If you now use >the Master Source list to merge those two sources then all the events >have the same source number and you're off and running. BUT if the >citation detail between the 2 birth tags is different then nothing has >been resolved since when you delete the event you delete the citation >detail for that event. John Cardinal may have something in his TMG >utilities that could be used to combine the CDs of two sources but I'm >not sure about that. > >Phil >Wholly Genes Tech Support > > > >At 02:51 PM 7/9/2007, you wrote: >>Good morning. I don't know if what I have encountered is an anomaly or >>something I would like to have added to the wishlist. If this is a >>wishlist item please add it for future consideration. >> >>Here's my situation: >> >>I have recently successfully merged two dataset and when merging >>duplicate people I'm finding that the sources quoted in one person's >>records are not being merged into the second person's record where the >>same tags with identical information exist and only one is checked to >>be retained. >> >>eg if person B (data set has a birth tag with source #20 (may be >>the same or different from person A) and now gets merged with person >>A (data set A) with a birth tag having source #5, that source #20 is >>lost if the birth tag on person B is not marked for merger. If it is >>marked for merger then the birth tag for B is created as a separate >>birth tag for person A. (not always wanted, although I know that >>multiple tags of the same tag can exist) >> >>This is probably normal but I would expect that the source from person >>B would be added to the source list for person A for the same tag when >>only one is selected. This effectively prevents loss of sources >>related to each tag. >> >>I'm aware that both sources are contained in the Master Source list >>and the missing one could be added to the remaining tag, however that >>could involve a lot of extra and possibly unnecessary work especially >>where 100's or 1000s or records are involved in a dataset merger. >> >>Please let me know if this is an anomaly or a wishlist item. >> >>Ron Stonehouse >><mailto:ron.stonehouse@stonehouse.ca>ron.stonehouse@stonehouse.ca >>www.stonehouse.ca