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Viewing Tag Dates

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When viewing an individual in the person view and if you do not have a death event but you have a burial event, is there a way to have the burial year fill in in the above box with the person's NAME (id #) (years of birth & death).


With some of my Dutch ancestors who died in the 1700s, I have a burial date but will never find an actual date of death for them. When I use a baptism event instead of birth, the baptism year populates the year field. I was wondering how would I have the burial event do the same for the death year.

Thanks- Chris

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The standard burial tag cannot do that, because it is in it's own group, not in the Death group.


I can think of two solutions:


1. Create a death tag, with a circa data based on the burial date, or a before date using the burial date.


2. Create a custom burial tag (it would need to have a slightly different name) in the Death Group, enter the burial information in that tag, and make it primary.

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