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Is it Still Possible to Download FTST?

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Write me by clicking on the mail link below and I'll give you a link to download the FTST2 installer.

Jim Byram


You need to specify whether you need the US or UK installer.

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FTST has not been updated in years. If I recall correctly, it was essentially a version of TMG 5 that did not allow editing the project data. While you may not need the features of TMG that are not in FTST, you might be better served by getting TMG 9. You'll avoid bugs that were present in TMG 5, you'll have access to all the features added between TMG v5 and TMG v9, and you'll have a product that is better-suited to running on modern versions of MS Windows.


There are still some license available for TMG v9, but they won't last. You can get one from Harry Goegebeur, a Belgium dealer, at Harry.Goegebeur@telenet.be.

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