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Problem adding new person

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When I add a new person, I put in the known information (name, birthdate, etc.). The program assigns it a number (1:7180), but when it comes up in the Person Detail it doesn't show the name, just 1:1780. I can edit it and put the information back in, then in the Person Detail it appears correctly, but it also shows a second person in the sibling section as 2:7180 Joseph Dugo. If I search that number (2:7180) it says Not found.


I haven't added information to the Dataset for several years. It consists of 1) Dugoall 2) Wintle 3) Eddinger. I am only interested in the Dugoall data. I have tried doing all this to only the Dugoall and also All datasets. It happens both ways.


The Wintle & Eddinger data sets are actually empty, they shouldn't actually be in this dataset. The people names show up in the search, but all their numbers at 0:0, except the names I am trying to add in the Dugoall show up with their duplicate numbers.



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You appear to be getting cross-talk between the data sets in the project. And you should not be seeing any names with an ID number of 0:0.


Try running Optimize / Validate File Integrity / Optimize and then Reindex and see if that resolves the issues

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