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Funny things happening

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My copy of TMG 9 (UK) is giving me trouble. Currently the issue that I have is that I have just created a couple of new people, and thereby have created a new marriage. When I double click this marriage, or right click it and select Edit This Tag, a completely different tag opens up that has nothing to do with this marriage:




It is the most recent one that I created, earlier in this editing session.


What is going wrong? How do I get back to a state where I can continue data entry and editing?


Thanks - Rowan

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I agree that things really look strange. I looks like your database tables have a problem. Have you recently modified or moved your TMG database files or folders in any way? Have you started using some kind of cloud or automated backup program? You didn't mention so I wonder whether you have tried the Maintenance routines available in the "File" menu? Remember to do Optimize, followed by Validate File Integrity (VFI). Repeat those two until VFI shows no errors. Then do a final Optimize.


If that does not work, you could run your V9 UK TMG installer program as Administrator and choose the Repair option.


Report back on the results. If those don't work hopefully another one of us users may have an idea.

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This is a "navigation" problem and this type of issue has been seen by TMG users going back to at least TMG5.


One additional suggestion... After running the Maintenance steps as described by Michael, run File / Maintenance / Reindex to refresh the index files. (Optimize reindexes the data tables that it cleans up but not all of the data tables.)

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