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making a list of birthdays

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I'm trying to create a list of birthdates. Preferably a list that shows birthdays in chronological order from Jan 1st to Dec. 31st regardless of the year. Is there a way to make such a list of birthdates for the descendants of one particular person?


Thanks for any help that you might have to offer.



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You can easily make a list of the descendants of a person with the List of People report with a filter:


ID number .... = .... 123 ... END


and then check the box below to add Descendants.


This will not include the spouse of the descendants, which you didn't mention but I suspect you would want.


To do that use the filter:


ID number .... = .... 123 ... AND

Is a Descendant ... of ID# ... 123 ... END


and check the box below to add Spouses.


You can include the birth date for each person from the Output Columns tab in Options. You can output either the full date, or the day and month. If you do the later you could sort on the day and month, but that will not produce good results because the months will be spelled out and sort in alpha order rather than calender order.


The only way I think of to get calender order is to output the report to a spreadsheet, use a formula to convert the dates to a format the spreadsheet understands, then sort there.

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First, if you only want a calendar of birth date anniversaries, I would suggest you look at John Cardinal's program "On This Day".


It can make a calendar from your TMG project of events throughout the year. You can filter for BMDB ((birth, marriage, divorce, death, burial) events, and restrict to Primary events. This might directly do what you are desiring.


However if you want a full chronological list of birth dates you need to do something like Terry mentioned. Terry is correct that the List of People report has no options to format the date, so sorting on a column of the month output with alpha characters does not sort chronologically. However, the LOP does (somewhat) abide by the Program Preferences for the date format. You could (temporarily) set your "Preferences / Program Options / General / Date format" to "yyyy.mm.dd". The LOP output column of "Birth Group* tag; Date" will use that format, and you can choose to sort the report by that column which should produce (approximately) chronological results. Unfortunately, the LOP output column of "Birth Group* tag; Month" expects the input to be alpha characters, and thus the report outputs a value of zero for all months.


However, the List of Events report does abide by the Program Options for the date format. Thus one could perform a two step process using a temporary Flag. Run a List of People report like Terry suggested to set a Flag to identify the descendants which you want. Then run a List of Events report filtered for Principal1 having that Flag value, and Tag Type Group is Birth. Sort the Output Columns on (now with numeric values): 1=Date - Year, 2=Date - Month, 3=Date - Day. Add any other output columns such as the Prin1 name and/or ID and the full Date value.


That will give you a full chronological list of birth dates of these descendants.


Hope this gives you ideas,

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