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David A. Walker

Corrupt .fpt file

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I have a project that reports a corrupted file, name_l.fpt, when I attempt to run VFI following Optimize. TMG hangs and I have to use Force Quit to exit.

Also, Second Site reports a read error for the same file when attempting to build the site - that was the first clue.

Regards…..David Walker

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This is the research log. If you have many entries, this is going to be difficult to locate to fix.


It would help if you can pin down the research task. That means opening the research log and opening each task until you find the one causing the error.


After that, if you send me a backup of your project with project files only (to keep the size down), I'll see if I can locate the record and fix the memo entry.


You can contact me by email by clicking on the link below...

Jim Byram

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