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Switching from Person to Tree View Changes to DIfferent Person

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Every now and then I will be viewing someone in the Person View and want to switch to Tree View. When I click the Tree View tab I am taken to my own Tree View page. Not sure it has anything to do with it my ID # is 250 so it is not taking me back to #1.


This does not happen every time but it does happen about once in 10 or 20 times. I have run all of the Maintenance utilities. This has continued to happen after I did a reinstall of WIndows 10 after installing a new solid state hard drive.


I am running TMG 9.05 Gold on Windows 10 ver. 1709 64-bit.


Any suggestions on fixing this would be appreciated.

Walter Wood


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Similar problem. When I’m on person ID X and try to add a tag, it goes to an entirely different (and unrelated) person.

Running 9.05 on Win 10/64.

​Driving me crazy.

​Did all the usual maintenance.

​Better this morning, but expect disaster around the corner!


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It is easy to get confused with this, but in most cases TMG is doing what it "thinks" you want. The key when changing views is to notice what person or tag is selected/highlighted. If you go to Tree view, what is selected/highlighted in the Person view will determine who will be the focus of the Tree. For example in the Person view if you select/highlight the Father and then do Ctrl-T, you will get the Father's Tree view, not the focus person of the Person view for whom this is the father. If you immediately do Ctrl-P you now will get the Person view of the Father, since he was selected in the Tree view by default, and not the original person. Likewise, in the Tree view if you select/highlight someone other than the focus person of the Tree and then do Ctrl-P, you will get the Person view of that selected person. All this is by design.


Hope this helps,

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