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It is heartening to see this development:

Thank you for your interest in HRE. Your details have been added to our mailing list. We will keep you up to date with progress on development of the programme, and our most recent Newsletter can be found here: https://historyresearchenvironment.org/2017/12/18/hre-newsletter-dec-2017/ Another is due out shortly.

HRE is an ambitious project and one designed to have wider benefit than the cause of its inception, which was to provide an alternative to a no longer supported genealogy programme whose users were left with their data possibly unable to be further developed.

The interest in developing HRE has been global and enthusiastic and very quickly our team received interest from other disciplines for which it was important to have the ability to store data and cross-reference it in a historical progression. If you come across such a use, please let us know so that there can be input at an early stage to accommodate needs.

HRE is a wholly volunteer programme and by making a decision to keep it open-source, it has the opportunity to become very widely used indeed. If you know of any others who may benefit from it, please direct them to our site at: https://historyresearchenvironment.org

We will continually need more volunteers and funds to ensure that we can provide the quality product our potential users seek and expect. Do keep us at your forefront of thinking and when you come across someone who can assist, please feel free to engage them directly or by sending an email to me personally on this email address, but please add HRE in the subject line.

If you have any skills that the project could make use of, please consider volunteering: https://historyresearchenvironment.org/become-a-volunteer/

If don't have skills in this area, or if you don't have any time to help out, please consider making a monetary donation: https://historyresearchenvironment.org/donate/ . All donations are very gratefully received, and will be used solely for the purpose of advancing the HRE project. Thank you!


Meanwhile, we are very glad you have decided to join us in learning about our journey. It promises to be one with many facets of interest. Suggestions and specific queries, opportunities and contact recommendations are always welcome. We aim to maintain a dialogue with our supporters.

Kind regards and welcome to an interesting global project that can change the way we store and hunt for historical information in many disciplines.


Paquita Lamacraft

Paquita Lamacraft <paquita.lamacraft@archerbg.com>


Disclaimer.  HRE is an independent voluntary open source project. Wholly Genes, Inc., the developer of The Master Genealogist (‘TMG‘), is not directly involved in the HRE project and will not provide technical support nor assume any responsibility or liability for the project. All trademarks of Wholly Genes, Inc.,  including ‘Wholly Genes’, ‘TMG’, ‘The Master Genealogist’, ‘GenBridge’, ‘VCF’ and ‘Visual Chartform’ are acknowledged. Any use by the HRE project of these marks is by permission and is subject to the above disclaimer.

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