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Support to UK Versions of TMG

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I have been using TMG since 2005. I now use Gold UK Edition v 8.08.0000

This Web Site has been a life-saver in the past (for instance sorting a problem with constant request for unlock key after installation on a Windows 10 Computer).  But I am a total computer software amateur (trying to improve as I have now retired). I missed the opportunity to upgrade to Version 9.  As I understand it, there is no longer A) support, and B) licences to upgrade.

Is there anyone out there who could briefly summarise:  The differences between UK and other TMG versions. The Versions that remain useable on Windows 10. The way lock codes etc work with respect to use and licences ( for example I have versions V 6, V 7, and V8 hard and soft copies and various "unlock" codes obtained over the years since 2005, but I really do not understand if any of this is useful to me or anyone else), The best place to get support and/or advice (other than this site, noting there is pretty much nothing recent on the Version 8 "bulletin board" (is that the correct term ?)). And who are the kind generous people (with their time and energy) that keep this site operating. Will it continue ?



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You can still buy a license (unlock code) for TMG 9 from Harry Goegebeur. You can download and install the UK edition. See the pinned article in the TMG 9 section of this forum.

An unlock code is only valid for the version (full number) of TMG it was issued for, and has no other value. So your v8 code is good if you want to stay with v8, otherwise you need to buy a new one for v9.

You can find user-to-user support here and on the TMG list on Rootsweb. This forum is supported financially by Bob Velke, the developer of TMG, and I expect it will continue as long as he does that. The support is provided by users, just as with the TMG List on Rootsweb. 


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Regarding the UK edition...

There is only one TMG program. The only difference with the UK edition is that some UK customizations are added the first time that the program is run after installation.

Regarding Windows 10...

Basically, TMG 8.08 and 9.05 run just fine under Windows 10. Something around the edge is lost or a bit different with each new operating system version but the TMG program itself continues to work. Examples of issues as the operating system evolves have been the unlock issue and the version of the PDF driver used by TMG doesn't work under Windows 10. We're also seeing more frequent cases of external applications interfering with TMG.

Regarding the UK forum...

The subtitle for this forum is: "Questions that are specific to UK Edition customisations."

Questions that are not about UK customizations should go under the appropriate TMG version forum.



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