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I'm using TMG9 on a Mac with Parallels.  My Windows10 has been having update problems, so I'd like to create a fresh backup of my project in case Windows crashes.  I've never had a problem running backups before, but now I get through all the steps and click on "Finish" and nothing happens.  No progress.  After a minute or two I get a message that the program is not responding and all I can do at that point is end the program.  

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I have no idea of the answer since I don't run Parallels.

You don't need a TMG backup to protect your data. You can always cover yourself by creating a ZIP file of the project folder and archiving the ZIP file off your computer. You also can do this for any other TMG data that you need to protect such as your exhibits.

You could also simply copy your TMG user tree to an external drive.

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