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Ginny Winslett

TMG unstable & then locks up; restores don't help

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I need help with stabilizing TMG V9.  For a few weeks I began having larger & larger optimize results although few changes had been made between optimizations.  Then after working on several bios in a single family, I could not access any tags in TMG and could not access tags in a backup made at that point.  (I note here the Filtered header is on above my tags but the controls have long been grayed out with no obvious impact.)  I went to the previous backup; file integrity said it fixed 2,xxx errors.  I did a number of restores & even reloaded the SW thinking the Filtered issue might be a cause but TMG locked up each time.

A Users Group member restored my backup to his computer,  turned off Filtered, I restored that version, filtered immediately came back on with no control available to it turn off, and that restored version worked for a couple of hours, but also with large optimize results and then TMG locked up and I cannot access tags in that backup. 

I have now gone back to an even earlier backup and restored that, did all 3 maintenances with no issues, changed the parents for 3 children, and optimize shows 653,566 bytes saved, so I know this is going to lock up again soon. File integrity shows no issues.

What do I do next?


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I don't know what would cause the instability that you describe. The optimize byte count is mainly updating the index files and is of no consequence.

I'd like to examine your project.

You can contact me by email by clicking on the link below...

Jim Byram

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