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Jim Slade

error: Variable 'RULESET' is not found.  1248 MOVEPERSON2

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I was trying to move 50 people from dataset #1 to dataset #2 when this error message appeared:  Variable 'RULESET' is not found.  1248 MOVEPERSON2

I had to choose Abort to close the error.  The process was 92% complete, but TMG had locked and I had to ctl-alt-del to close TMG.

It appears that all 50 people were "copied" to dataset 2, but they were also still in dataset #1.    My purpose was to delete the 50 people from dataset#1.  

I have done this move successfully many times, but not this time.
What caused this error and how can it be avoided?

Now, when I try to open this project, even though NO TMG project is open, I get this message:   "This project is in use elsewhere.  Please select another project."

I am using TMGv9.05    Windows 10/64  with latest updates           Jim Slade

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The error has something to do with copying the sources / source types linked to the tags used by the people being moved.

I'd reboot the system and you need to revert to the backup that you made before trying the move.



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