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Maiden name used twice

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My great-great grandmother (dad's side) were, um, puzzling to say the least.

She lied about her father (she was illegitimate) on both of her marriages.  She married twice, first in 1921, to my great-great-grandfather and again in 1930.

On both occasions she used her maiden name and is recorded as a spinster, even though she clearly wasn't in the second.  I have found no evidence of divorce, and both of my great-great grandparents were alive and kicking at time of the 1939 register

Anyway, my query is this:

Under the brides married name i record her maiden name in the suffix as -[insert maiden name here].  How can i record her previous married name as well?



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Hi Roz,

I also include her maiden name as part of entering a woman's Married Name tag, but I let TMG automatically add her maiden surname by using a custom Name Style.  I describe my "Name-Marr-Title" custom name tag which uses my custom "Married" name style in my on-line book here: https://www.mjh-nm.net/TAGCUSTM.HTML#NameMarrTag

However, you seem to want to have both her maiden name, and her "previous" married name.  I think the narrative makes the list of marriages clear so I only ever include the maiden name.  However, since your method requires you to actually type in her maiden name in the suffix, e.g. "-[Jones]", maybe typing all appropriate prior names in order would work, e.g. "-[Jones/Smith]".  Would this do what you want?

Hope this gives you ideas,

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Roz -

The typical way of entering a woman into TMG (or any genealogy programs) is to enter her birth name (including surname) in the Primary Name Tag.  You may add numerous other Name-... Tags with other names.  If you allow, TMG will automatically add a Name-Marr Tag which will have the husband's surname when a Marriage Tag Group Tag is added.




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