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creating a gedcom file

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I really need to create a gedcom of my projects.  I can see how to do it via wizard. I wond loose my data will I?

I dotn really think so.

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From TMG8... While the base data would be exported to the GEDCOM...

Only shared events with two spouses or the parents of a child would be exported.

You would lose event witness links.

You would lose sort dates.

You would lose History tags.

All names will be exported and most programs consider the first name to be primary.

Source data would be exported but you would lose the structure.

If you have source of source links, those would be lost.

There are probably other things lost.

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If you want all the gory details of what will be lost in doing a TMG GEDCOM export, see the Import/Export chapter of my on-line book and the separate section on GEDCOM export:


Pay special attention to my topic "Two-Principal Tags", but as Jim warns there is A LOT more that IS LOST in a GEDCOM export.  The more of the advanced features of TMG you have used the more that will be lost.  This is not a failing of TMG, but mainly due to GEDCOM having no standard way to represent a lot of what you can record in TMG.  It is for this very reason that Version 9 of TMG added a special option to do an enhanced GEDCOM export, which will output non-standard custom GEDCOM tags containing much (but not all) of the data from TMG which cannot otherwise be exported in a standard manner.  It is also why John Cardinal wrote his new TMG To GEDCOM program (which only works with Version 9) to export even more of TMG's features and data, and also will customize its program's non-standard GEDCOM tags in a manner which specific other genealogy programs will accept.

Doing the export does no harm to your TMG data, but it will only contain the very basic genealogy information.

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