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Add image to custom tag

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I have version 6 of TMG. It's been probably 12 years since I've updated my database. I'm 76 and can't remember squat. I have custom tag named PHOTO. I need to add a image that resides in the PICTURES folder to this event and for the life of me I can't make it happen. The principle's image shows up fine.  But I can't figure out what to do to get this group image to show up.
I have it working elswhere but I don't know what I did years ago.

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You haven't said anything that points to the exact nature of the problem.

The normal procedure would be...

1) Open the Photos tag for editing.

2) Click the [Exhibit log] button in the upper right of the Tag Entry window.

3) Either right-click in the Exhibit Log window and select Insert new image, then Insert existing file, then select the correct image and click [Open].

or click the [Add] button and select the correct image and click [Open].

This assumes that the Preferences / Current Project Options / Advanced / Exhibit folder is pointing to the folder containing the image file (usually, the default exhibits folder).

These steps might differ a bit in TMG6 but follow the same process.


I'll also note that which version of Windows you are running is important. TMG6 needs to be installed out of the Program Files folder when installed under Windows 7 or later.

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