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Royal Families

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I am looking for a way to be able to record in the names of members of a Royal Family with their full titles, such as HRH, and House name/surname, and where they are Kings/Queens/Princes/Princesses etc.

I have seen it somewhere before, but I can't remember where

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Having the Name Style templates is one thing.  But if any Template has Custom names, You will need to add them to TMG in order to use them. The process is like this:

1.  Tools=>aster Style List to display the window.

2.  Click on [Add] and enter the desired Style Name (e.g., Royal Name Style).

3.  Right-click in turn on each Label in the left column, and select the "Modify Labels of this level" option.

4.  In the Edit labels window, click on [Add], and enter the new custom Label for that Label level (e,g,, Label 1 would be "Style".

5. When no more custom Labels are needed adding or editing, click [OK] and continue with step 3 to the next Label.

6.  After all Labels have be added/edited, start Editing (or copy/pasting) the Templates, click on [OK] and the Just added/edited Name Style will be saved in TMG and may be used.

You will likely have a number of persons for whom the new Name Style is needed.  It is probably best to do these individually, but you may want to use John Cardinal's TMG Utility to change many at a time.  You want to be careful about this as it is easy to change more than you want.

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