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How do you delete large groups of people?

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I have been trying to delete a large number of people in a family line. I have added them to the current focus group and clicked on the delete the people of the current focus group, I click on the names to confirm deletion and I receive a notice saying that 1 or more people were skipped during delete because they are involved in relationship with other people. I click 'ok' the message disappears and basically nothing has happened.


When I first started (not knowing any better) I imported some people (a little over 100) from one of those Family data disks, mostly all related to one family. Now I am trying to get rid of most of them. I have backed up my data. My project has over 4500 people so starting over is not an option.


Any help on deleting large groups of people would be greatly appreciated.

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As you have learned, you cannot easily just delete a large group of people, But there is a way -- Move them to another data set, then either delete that data set, or save it as a separate project if you think you might every want them for something.


Here's how:


1. Open Data Set Manager (File menu), and Add a new Data Set. Give it any name you like.


2. Collect everyone you want to delete in the Focus Group, as you have done.


3. Use Move Person(s) (Edit menu) to move those in the FG to your new Data Set. This removes them from your main Data Set, and places them in the new one. If you really want to delete them, open Data Set Manager, and delete the new Data Set.


If you think it's possible you might someday want them, it's probably best to save them in a separate project. Do do that, use Copy Project (File menu) to copy your main project (you have to close it first). Then, open your main project and delete the new data set in that project. You could also delete your main data set from the copy, if you like.

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