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GenBridge SDK

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The GenBridge SDK(set of free functions provided by Wholly Genes) which allows developers to extract information from TMG Project files.


The SDK comes with a 'Help' file which list all the available functions and some additional information on how to use them.


The following is the function for opening a TMG Project file:

GbOpendecl GbOpen (     // opens data file  const char *FileName, // name identifying the data base  char *aMessage                // returned explanation of error condition, if any  ); // returns status by nameThis function opens a database specified by FileName. In reality, FileName may be the actual name of a single disk file, a subdirectory, or it may be some sort of a root name to which further suffixes are attached to access actual data files.


It says nothing in the help file about how to select a given dataset from a multi-dataset TMG project file.


I have used the functions without problem on a single dataset project but I'm almost positive that there is a way to select a dataset. I just can't remember how. B)



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Larry is referring to the GenBridge Software Development Kit (SDK), a tool that we make available to developers.


Larry, GbIndiv will return every record in the project in sequence -- so to filter for records in a specific project, you still need to look at every person in the file, ignoring those that aren't in the DSID that you want. Events, names, sources, etc. are triggered by the pointer in GbIndiv so you don't have to read (and you'll never see) records that are not in the DSID that you want.


Support for the GenBridge SDK is offered through gbdeveloper@whollygenes.com. Please write to that address if you have any further questions. Thanks.

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