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Editing Parent or Removing Wrong Parent

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Hi Folks


For the life of me, I can't seem to work out how to do this :(


Person A has the exact same name as his father.


Unfortunately I have attributed Person A's children to his father.


In other words, Person A is not in the tree.


Now I don't know how to rectify this.


When I try to delete the Father it says I can't because children need to be manually deleted first.


I have a lot of names and to this manually is a mammoth job. Each child has a child etc etc.


Any ideas??





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Welcome to TMG.


Go to each child that has the grandfather as a father and double click on the word FATHER below thier name. There will be a box that will pop up that says TAG ENTRY. Under that you have the choice of changing the parent. Put in the ID number of the correct father. and say OK. Now go to the next child. TMG MAY prompt you to add a marriage between the correct father and the grand mother. Just say no. Do this for each child and soon you will have the correct information in the computer. Make sure the father is linked to the grandfather and your tree should look just fine.

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Most likely a couple of ways to correct the situation, but here is what I would do: go to the correct father (Person A) and note the ID Number. Then go to each of the children that have the incorrect father assigned, and in the Details window double click on the word father directly below the primary name. On the tag entry screen (Father-Bio) enter the correct ID number in the Parent field. Do that for each of the children, and your should be home free. Suggest you double check the mother to ensure this is correct, also. Hope this solves your problem. If I misunderstood the situation or if you need additional help just sing out.


Bob Bennett

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