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Michael Hannah

Education tag

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I changed the sentences of this standard tag to a more general purpose tag, and use it instead of also using the standard Graduation tag. [M1] defines what happened (“graduated from high school”), [M2] optionally precedes the location in the sentence since I prefer the flexibility of sometimes putting the name of the school here rather than as part of a location in the Master Place List, and [M3] has optional comments.


Principal: "[P] [M1]."

Witness: "[W] witnessed [P] [M1]."


Hope this gives you ideas,

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I use the sentence below in my Education tag. [LD] is the name of the school and I use the memo to store other info, such as graduation date, degree, etc.


[P] <attended [LD]>< ([D])><[CITY]><, [sTATE]><, and [M]>



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