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Donald Joseph Schulteis

Unable to Email

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I did the same thing 2 days ago and I still havent received the emails yet either.


This ties in with my previous post stating that I am receiving no emails for the topics that I had subscribed to either. I have now unsubscribed from them as there was no point.


As stated in the earlier post, I am receiving emails for PM messages though.



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Have gone into a reply, one of my own and one of someone elses, selected send an email, inserted my email address and a small message, and sent it. A messages indicates it is being forwarded but I did not receive either.

I was confused by your description because I was clicking on the "EMAIL" button and that does seem to work. But you're apparently using the "Email this topic" button and I find that it doesn't work for me either. I have an update to the forum software and I hope that it fixes it. Thanks.

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