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UK version and US version co-existence

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We're a UK / US family! My wife uses the US version, I the UK version.

So we have both versions installed.


In v6 this meant 2 directories in c:\program files

\TMG v6 UK and

\TMG v6 US


Both installs were non share, that is only user Patricia could use \TMG v6 US

and only user David could use \TMG v6 UK


This has worked pretty well for us, so I am trying to replicate the approach for v7, by installing

- the US version to \program files\TMG v7 US ... for user Patricia, and

- the UK version to \program files\TMG v7 UK ... for user David


The US version install went well, but I messed up the UK version install by inadvertely installing it to the default \program files\the master genealogist v7. It worked fine, but was in the wrong place (as my left brain saw it)!


I've used the control panel remove the install, cleaned the registry with "System Mechanic", and attempted to re-install, but I get an error message telling me that .... " a re-installation for the same user must go into the same location", please the attached screen shot.


Any advice on how to get out of this and proceed with a clean re-installation would be appreciated.







Here is the missing screenshot referred to in my post

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I would uninstall and start over. What you are trying to do should work as long as the two installations are made from different user accounts and the installs are to different program folders. The registry might not cooperate so if this doesn't work, do the following...


If both installs are made from the same user account, you need to install one variant as a single user installation and the other variant as an all users installation. Again, they need to be installed to different program folders.

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