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How do I post a question for support

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I have been trying to post a question for Support or other users to get help using the reports. When I search for "Questions", "Posting" or any other word it tells me Sorry. I tried to start "new topic" several times and it told me I didn't have authority to start a new topic. As of now I cannot use this board!!!!!


Why don't you have a button for "Support" or "Questions" or something obvious. I know I'm not a moron, but I feel like it after trying to use this board. This place says it is for asking questions about using the board. I need to ask questions about using TMG 5.XX

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There is a section labeled "Support Forums" -- that's the place to ask questions about TMG or other WG products. Pick a forum that matches the product you are asking about, and post a "new topic."


You should be able to start new topics in those forums - I see that you are registered with the board, and in fact did post a question to the TMG5 forum on Aug 29. Perhaps you were trying to post in a different section of the WG Community?

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