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Backup/Restore Custom Layouts/toolbars

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When I went to load my laptop prior to a trip under TMG6, I just copied the project files over to the laptop and everything was fine. Tweeked a couple file settings, like the backup folder, and away I went. Reversed the procedure when I got back.


Now with the much more complicated file placement structure of TMG7, I decided to do it the "politically correct" way and use backup/restore. Wow, what a slow process. Went through a reindex process that wasn't required doing it the old way.


But more importantly, my custom layouts and toolbars didn't come across to the laptop with the project. What is the "proper" way to get the customizations to come through with the project?

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If you do a Backup/Restore, you can backup your project files plus specific customizations like your toolbars and layouts, limiting the backup to what you will need on the trip.


If you are accustomed to making a direct copy of your project files over to the laptop, you can do the same thing with your custom toolbars and layouts, copying those files to the appropriate folder on your laptop. Toolbar files (*.tbr) and layout files (*.lo) are located with the User Program Data Files in the following default location:


Windows Vista:

C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\The Master Genealogist v7


Windows XP and Windows 2000:

C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\The Master Genealogist v7


If you normally use the same custom layouts and toolbars, you can just keep copies on the laptop. See Help > Data File Storage for more information on file locations, or my cheat sheets at vblakelock.com/tmg7.pdf (page 4 shows the toolbar and layout files).



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I've just restored my project files to a new laptop and I've lost my custom toolbar. The file is in the correct folder, in fact there are two custom folders, but neither one shows up for choice in TMG. When I click on Customize, I get the following message:




After hours for support - does anyone have an idea?




Ooops! I should have known to try a restart first! It's back now! :o

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