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  1. Running TMG under Parallels

    Robin: I use Parallels to run Quicken on my Mac. I backup to a folder on my desktop and then copy the backup file directly to my Shared Folder on PC which shows at the top of the screen. When I go back to the Mac, the Quicken backup file is included in my regular Mac backups. It is easy and my backup file is on both machines. I have not yet moved TMG to the Mac, but expect it will work the same. No drives are involved! Hope this helps! Francie
  2. Anyone running TMG on a MAC?

    Thanks! I have read about Parallels and will be planning to use it. I think there will be a new release soon! Francie
  3. I am seriously looking at buying a MAC desktop computer after having my Dell Dimension crash multiple times. Does anyone use TMG on their MAC on PC mode? I hear that the PC mode should work but would like to know if anyone on this list is actually doing it? Thanks for any thoughts you might have!!! Francie
  4. I am trying to create a list of families by surname and relationships. This will hopefully replicate a card file I have. Each Surname group starts with the last female of the line and follows the line back as far as I have in TMG. It has been very helpfull to locate where a new person or a new source fits into my database. The card file was created by hand. The data is: SURNAME Given name; birth & Death dates; Spouse given & SURNAME; marriage date Under the SURNAME there is one line for each generation. The oldest is first, and the most recent at the end. The last is usually a female. She has taken her spouses surname. Any data not known is left blank. I would love to create this report directly from TMG. Do you think it is possible??? Thanks, Francie See Attachment: Surname_Card_File.doc
  5. Installing TMG

    The same thing happened to me during the install of 6.07. I cannot remember if it happened before, but I agree it is strange and should be fixed. Francie
  6. entering son-ste

    Fixed! I had added the step-father before the Bio-Father! Thanks, Francie
  7. If I entered a son-ste tag for my brother's step-son, the tag is made primary. If I try to toggle it off, I get message: Although you can specify a primary parent for each child, the reverse is not true. The primary flag is not relevant for this tag. When I enter a dau-ste for his step-daughter, it is not primary! Is this a known bug? Thanks, Francie Edit: I am using version 6.07, XP.
  8. Gender of Parents

    I found the answer to my problem on the TMG-L archives! The father had sex as "M" but was listed as mother. The mother had sex as "F" but was listed as father. Solution: "You need to unlink the father from the MOTHER-BIO tag (could be PARENT-BIO tag) and attach him to the FATHER-BIO tag. And then do the same for the mother. Teresa Ghee Elliott" Thank you Teresa!!!
  9. Gender of Parents

    It seems that all parents on the detail screen are listed as Mother. Each person has 2 Mothers and no Fathers. All the Father/mothers have M as their sex flag. All the real Mothers have F as their sex flag. What have I done? Francie
  10. I have been adding my brother's two wives, and his children by each wife. I have just put a sort date as I don't know the birth or marriage dates. Every one is sorting in the correct order on my brother's detail screen, but when I look at his children, he is a mother instead of father. On my brother's detail screen my parents are both mother's. As I look back at the parents of each ancestor, the parents are all mothers! I suspect that I entered something out of order that may have caused all this mess. Is there a correct order for entering a man with a first wife and a daughter and a son, then a second wife with a son and daughter older than his and then a daughter they have together? I think I need to restore and then enter the family in the correct order? Is that right or is there a bug? Thanks for any advice. Francie
  11. Printing topic or message

    I use two methods for saving usefull information. 1. highlight and copy text; paste data into a Word file. 2. highlight and copy text; paste data into a database. I use Filemaker Pro and create two fields. One is used as a heading, and the other is the text from the message. I will often paste additional text under the same heading if I find more information on the same subject. My database now has more than 200 entries. I can search on the heading to find what I am looking for. Hope this helps... Francie