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  1. Remove "in" preceding a place name

    For reference please consult TMG's Help and i.e. search for: preposition Quoting Help topic "Prepositions" it i.e. tells regarding "Places" That being said if you i.e. want to create an Individual Report for any person within your database > click on "Options" on the Report Definition Screen > in Report Options go to the "Places" tab and check any of the available options regarding "Prepositions" on the upper right.
  2. "Cannot load 32-bit DLL ter 19"

    In order to update this topic and for means of reference regarding this issue caused by a third party program. Judy just posted on TMG-L:
  3. "Cannot load 32-bit DLL ter 19"

    Judy, as the archive of the TMG mailing list on Rootsweb shows you posted a request for help with exactly this same issue there on 01/01/12. Please see here: http://archiver.root...2-01/1325457128 Then you continued this thread on the TMG mailing list under the subject "Reinstalling TMG8" i.e. see here: http://archiver.root...2-01/1325474285 There are a couple of replies to this thread, Jim Byram contacted you directly after you had written And then on 01/02/2012 you replied on the mailing list So I'd kindly suggest to do what you did back then to solve your issue. Unfortunately I am unable to find any message on the TMG Mailing list which provides information about how you were apparently able to solve this. [Just noticed that you also posted a new request for help on TMG-L on 12/18/2012 in parallel.]
  4. Duplicate entries in Explorer

    Roger, using your example above please open the Tag Entry screens of your primary name tag and also of your non primary name tag. From each Tag Entry screen please tell us exactly in which fields you entered which data and also what the "Sort" fields show i.e.: GivenName = Vera Surname = Nagel SortSurname = Nagel SortGiven = Vera
  5. Duplicate entries in Explorer

    Roger, this screenshot (from TMG's Sample Project) may help to visualize primary names and non-primary names as to be seen in the person's detail window
  6. Duplicate entries in Explorer

    Roger, the Project Explorer is a list of names and not of people. Therefore you see primary names (indicated by a preceding asterisk) as well as other names, like non-primary married names, nicknames etc in the Project Explorer (PE). If you really want to see primary names only within the Project Explorer (I for one would not want that because that way i.e. married names I had recorded would no longer be displayed), then you may filter the PE for primary names only. For reference please see topic "Project Explorer" in TMG Help.
  7. Roger, Windows > Start Menu > All Programs > The Master Genealogist v8 > Visual Chartform
  8. Add Person Templates missing

    You're very welcome, Derek and there's nothing to feel sorry for at all.
  9. Add Person Templates missing

    Derek, not sure if that helps, but "Marriage" only shows up on the Add Person Screen if you are adding a husband, wife, or spouse to any already existing person in your project/dataset. To look-up TMG Help > Add Person Screen may be of additional help.
  10. Report options get lost

    Hallo Peter, die Startseite zur deutschen TMG-Anwendergruppe findest Du hier: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/tmgde Sie besteht bereits seit August 2001 und ist nur für angemeldete Mitglieder zugänglich.
  11. Report options get lost

    Hallo Peter, schön zu hören, daß Du Dein aktuelles Problem lösen konntest und Danke für die lieben Worte. Bist Du eigentlich auch Mitglied der deutschen TMG-Anwendergruppe bei Yahoo? Herzliche Grüsse nach Hamburg
  12. Report options get lost

    Hallo Peter, das o.a. Verhalten kann ich weder bei einer eingestellten Programm-Sprache "Englisch US" noch bei "Deutsch" nachvollziehen. Es ist auch egal, ob ich als Berichts-Ausgabe die Bildschirm-Vorschau wähle oder das Ganze z.B. als Word-Datei ausgebe. Welche TMG Version ist unter welchem Betriebssystem im Einsatz? Tritt das geschilderte Verhalten auch im TMG-Beispiel-Projekt auf?
  13. GEDCOM export - witnesses etc.

    Hallo Helmut, eine Frage rein interessehalber: Aus welchem anderen Genealogie-Programm stammt denn bitte der o.a. GEDCOM Export?
  14. GEDCOM export - witnesses etc.

    But an ASSO within Martina's CHR Christening record.is not defined/permitted in the standard. Michael, while absolutely I agree to everything else you're saying, your example above confuses me a bit, I have to admit. GEDCOM 5.5 says: "....Other associations or relationships are represented by the ASSOciation tag. The person's relation or association is the person being pointed to . The association or relationship is stated by the value on the subordinate RELA line..... ....RELATION_IS_DESCRIPTOR: = {Size=1:25} A word or phrase that states object 1's relation is object 2. For example you would read the following as "Joe Jacob's great grandson is the person pointed to by the @XREF:INDI>@": 0 INDI 1 NAME Joe /Jacob/ 1 ASSO @XREF:INDI>@ 2 RELA great grandson [NOTE: The ASSOCIATION_STRUCTURE can only link to an INDIVIDUAL_RECORD.]" If I apply this to your example above, it reads that Martina (=I149) is the godfather of Gerhard.
  15. Age in Details Window

    As has been mentioned before, this person most likely doesn't have a death date. If so, check the Value of the LIVING flag for this person. In case it is set to "?" (without the quotes) then the OtherInfo box will -in your case- provide this person's age as: 3?
  16. Death & Burial Events/Dates

    Hi Neil, make use of TMG's "Sort Date" functionality by which you can control how various events / tags are sorted i.e. in relation to other events / tags for this person. That's the only option I am aware of to do exactly what you want. To be honest I am very happy that TMG does not apply any kind of automatic process simply based on the tag type which in your example would sort a burial as the "last event in a person's life" since that may be correct or may not be correct. - i.e. what about a person's will being opened after his/her burial or an obit being published in a newspaper after a person's burial? Excerpt from TMG Help for TMGv7:
  17. TMG 8.0 Imports

    Al, you apparently still use TMGv 8.00, correct? If so, there existed an issue in that TMG version regarding FTM2008/2009 imports since the installer didn’t register a certain, required *.DLL file in the TMG8 program folder which resulted in the exact error condition you describe above. That issue was fixed and since TMGv 8.00 is pretty outdated by now, my recommendation is to upgrade to the current version TMG v 8.04 and you'll not run into this FTM2008/2009 import issue anymore. ############## Regarding the GEDCOM import.... When you open the GEDCOM file in a pure text editor (not WORD for instance) - like i.e. Notepad- and look at it's beginning you'll notice a line: 1 CHAR .... - the character set being used. Is this set to ANSI ?
  18. Hi, sure, that is possible. A great number of topics and decorated chart examples which may cover what you're looking for have been posted in the VCF Forum over time. In order to see all topics being posted in this forum please do the following: -while being on the main page of the VCF forum - http://www.whollygenes.com/forums201/index.php?showforum=18 click on "Custom" within the bar with the blue background where you also see "Recently Updated". -on the next submenu select "All Topics" for Show topic type - "Show All" for Time frame - and click the check box on the left of "Remember filters" -then say "Update Filter" Now i.e. look for topics started by Mike Talbot who besides others posted a great number of such topics incl. chart examples (i.e. this one: http://www.whollygenes.com/forums201/index.php?showtopic=14307 ) which may be what you are looking for.
  19. Hello Earl, yes, for the time being this is an issue which will however be fixed in a future version of TMG. [Just for completeness: The other thread dealing with it is: http://www.whollygen...showtopic=14244 ] Another important aspect is that we only talk about characters being part of ANSI since TMG doesn't support Unicode. With special regard to German I provided a workaround how to circumvent this inconvenience in the topic above. Anyway, as far as I can tell only the Researcher Info, being included in report outputs, is affected and not the Table of Contents. I just tested the latter and don't see any issue there. In case you may see anything different, please provide an example. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% As to the second part of your question: the shortened answer is: there's nothing special such users have to "face" that English users don't face. In order to use any program successfully a user needs to understand the program's "characteristics/basics". While TMG supports various languages, TMG's "native language" is English. Almost each non-English user will for sure immediately switch TMG's interface language to any of the supported languages (in case he/she didn't even install TMG in any other supported language besides English). When doing so -i.e. to German- TMG informs the user: Please pay special attention to what it says in the second and the third paragraph. Included translations to Dutch, Norwegian and German are at a stage close to 100%. This i.e. includes: interface, prompts, warnings, tag types, sentences, roles, reminders, styles.... Meantime TMG's Help file is also available in Dutch since TMGv8.04, but only if the user installs TMG in Dutch! Another 'TMG part' which is available in English only is VCF (Visual Chart Form). In order to help German TMG users -in particular- a number of pages/articles of 'Terry's TMG Tips' have been translated to German. While those translations were done quite some time back, the basics still apply in order to understand how the program works and to make successful use of it. Besides that there's a special German TMG user group on Yahoo (group language is German). From my long-standing support experience with special regard to German users it seems to be some kind of special challenge for a number of them to make use of sources since TMG does i.e. not include "German source templates." Did that answer your question or did you have anything else in mind?
  20. Janice, standard options for the Researcher Information i.e. for a family group sheet are: -Name -Address -Prepared date -Phone -E-Mail -Website None of these give by default: ...generated by [version of TMG] So the output you see seems to be something you entered yourself in the Researcher Information. Please check: File > Preferences > Current Project Options > General > Researcher information
  21. Wendy, does it make a difference if you try to run any of these reports, you're having trouble with, from the 'reporting toolbar' instead of using the menu 'Report' > .... ? (To make the 'reporting toolbar' part of your TMG layout go to View > Toolbars > and check 'Reporting'.)
  22. Glad to be able to help, Ray.
  23. TMG v8 install does not work

    Please follow the steps as provided in Jim Byram's topic "Re-Installing TMG8" here: http://www.whollygenes.com/forums201/index.php?showtopic=14634
  24. Ray, first, which TMG version do you use please? Other than that: - the Ahnentafel report provides the ancestors of a person, not his/her descendants. - if you're i.e. using TMGv6 or later.... on the report options screen for an Ahnentafel report > General tab > "Surety".... make sure to check both: "Threshold 0" (zero) plus "Include blank surety". Hope that helps.
  25. Screen Preview Editing

    As the Change Log for TMGv8.03.0000 says: "The preview screen allowed editing and should not have done so." In other words this was a bug which has been fixed in the current version of TMG. Besides that: editing the preview screen only "worked" (and even that should not have been possible) if you deleted text from the preview. If you i.e. wanted to add text on the preview screen it always failed.