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  1. My List of People Report has 4 headings: Name, ID Number, Birth, and Death. When I print the Report the heading names are left justified but the data is right justified. Can the heading names be centered, or at least right justified to match the output. Could not find anything helpful in the Options. Thanks. Tom
  2. Thanks Michael. After carefully reading all of the comments, I think the best thing is to use the U. S. Standard Style. I think that will make my life easier. Tom
  3. Thanks Jim - will follow your advice about using City in level 3. I'm trying to understand UK references to what "appear" to be places so would appreciate more assistance. I have seen numerous references to Boroughs. Does/how does one record a Borough? Here is another reference to place in an 1871 census - residence: Civil Parish "St George the Martyr Southwark, London, England." In the same census - Registration district "St Saviour Southwark." Does any of this get recorded in a place name field, comment section, etc.? Thanks again, Tom
  4. I have been using TMG - USA for many years. Recently I have started researching my wife's family and found ancestors and cousins in England and Ireland. Therefor I want to set up a UK Style on the Master List and rename some (or all) of the 10 name labels. However, I am not familiar with the place names and have come across references to Borough, District, City, County, Civil Parish, Ecclesiastical Parish, Registration District, and others. Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, I hope someone can tell me what place name labels are used by TMG-UK users. Thanks. Tom
  5. Repost - List of Names

    Thanks Jim. Exactly what I needed. Tom
  6. Can a list of my 2nd cousins be generated?
  7. List of people

    Thanks Terry - a little bit of effort, but worth it because it works. Tom
  8. List of people

    I'm stumped. Is there a way to generate a report listing only my 1st cousins? Tom
  9. Terry - See 1930 census at ancestry.com; head = John Sitkowski: http://interactive.ancestry.com/6224/4609301_00754?backurl=&ssrc=&backlabel=Return#?imageId=4609301_00754 image 13 of 32. The parents are on lines 86 and 87, and the children are on lines 89-93. Line 88 is blank.
  10. This involves the 1930 US Census. In the name column (item 5) there is no entry in the row between the parent's names and the children's names. To the left of that unfilled row, in the margin, is a handwritten notation as follows: "See RB14 (or it might even be R1314), Pg. 68, L 18". Does anyone know the purpose of the empty row? What the notation means? Tom
  11. List of persons

    Thanks Terry and Michael. Works fine (running 2 LOPs). Just what I was looking for. Tom
  12. Could not determine how to (or even if I can) generate a list of persons that are the grandchildren of a named ancestor. Can it be done? Thanks
  13. School Records

    Thanks again Terry