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  1. Loading TMG - no photos loaded

    Thanks, Jim. Appreciate the help.
  2. Loading TMG - no photos loaded

    Thanks Jim. Dennis Bieber earlier recommended using "repair". That did not work. Will do uninstall/reinstall. Can't seem to find my TMG CD disk. Is three a site where I can download a copy? Thanks. Tom
  3. Loading TMG - no photos loaded

    Jim - followed the above procedure and then ran TMG but it came up with the same error message. Tried it a second time with the same results. Restarted the computer and ran TMG. Same error message. Thanks for trying to help. Tom Malek
  4. 1. Clicked on the TMG icon. Received the following message: OLE error code 0x80040154: Class not registered. 48 TMGAPPOBJ.DOFORM 2. I clicked on "Ignore" Received the following message: Array dimensions are invalid. 1 TBRLAYOUT/CHKWITNESSES.MUPDATE 3. I clicked on "Ignore" TMG data loads but there were no photos What happened? How do I fix it?
  5. Thanks, Terry. I like your [SF GIVEN NAME] and have added it to my custom Source Elements and have had occasion to use it twice.
  6. Have recently come across a few of the above applications related to deceased uncles. Suggestions would be appreciated as to wording for sources, citations, etc. Thanks. Tom
  7. Source - Passport Application

    Thanks Terry. I suppose I could then replace [Title] in BB with [Record Type] and get the same output result. Tom
  8. Source - Passport Application

    Terry - examining, and thinking about, your Source Elements, I have been wondering about something. In FF and SF you have the Source Element [RECORD TYPE] which, in my case, would be Passport Application. But in BiB instead of [RECORD TYPE] you have [TITLE]. If not Passenger Application what would I enter for [TITLE]?
  9. Source - Passport Application

    Terry - thanks very much for the reply. Greatly appreciated. Especially your custom Source Elements and your explanation as to why you created them. Hope you and your family stay safe and well during the remainder of these difficult and uncertain times. Tom
  10. Looking for suggestions for Source language regarding a Passport Application.
  11. Thanks Jim. That was the problem - the filter for primary events was on. Turned it off and everything is OK. Thanks again.
  12. Every time I load TMG, and sometimes during a long session, I must go to "File" --> "Preferences" --> "Program Options" --> "Tag Box" and click on "Show non-primary events", click "Apply" and then "OK". I have to repeat this frequently because "Show non-primary events" does not stay selected. I've followed a recommendation (be sure the desired Custom Layout name is in the Select layout field, edit the Comment, if any and click on the [Overwrite] button) numerous times over the last 3 months but every time I reload TMG I still need to go to "File" --> "Preferences" --> "Program Options" --> "Tag Box" and click on "Show non-primary events", click "Apply" and then "OK". "Show non-primary events" does not stay selected. I have tried other options but nothing works. Not a major problem but it is a nuisance. Any other recommendations?
  13. My List of People Report has 4 headings: Name, ID Number, Birth, and Death. When I print the Report the heading names are left justified but the data is right justified. Can the heading names be centered, or at least right justified to match the output. Could not find anything helpful in the Options. Thanks. Tom
  14. Thanks Michael. After carefully reading all of the comments, I think the best thing is to use the U. S. Standard Style. I think that will make my life easier. Tom