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  1. Marriages out of order

    I believe the Descendant Indented Chart is not ordering by marriage date because it is not designed to list marriages. It is designed to list "Descendants", i.e. the children, and thus lists children based on their birth dates. So unlinking children from this woman who were not begat by this woman seems appropriate.
  2. making a list of birthdays

    Roger, First, if you only want a calendar of birth date anniversaries, I would suggest you look at John Cardinal's program "On This Day". http://www.johncardinal.com/otd/ It can make a calendar from your TMG project of events throughout the year. You can filter for BMDB ((birth, marriage, divorce, death, burial) events, and restrict to Primary events. This might directly do what you are desiring. However if you want a full chronological list of birth dates you need to do something like Terry mentioned. Terry is correct that the List of People report has no options to format the date, so sorting on a column of the month output with alpha characters does not sort chronologically. However, the LOP does (somewhat) abide by the Program Preferences for the date format. You could (temporarily) set your "Preferences / Program Options / General / Date format" to "yyyy.mm.dd". The LOP output column of "Birth Group* tag; Date" will use that format, and you can choose to sort the report by that column which should produce (approximately) chronological results. Unfortunately, the LOP output column of "Birth Group* tag; Month" expects the input to be alpha characters, and thus the report outputs a value of zero for all months. However, the List of Events report does abide by the Program Options for the date format. Thus one could perform a two step process using a temporary Flag. Run a List of People report like Terry suggested to set a Flag to identify the descendants which you want. Then run a List of Events report filtered for Principal1 having that Flag value, and Tag Type Group is Birth. Sort the Output Columns on (now with numeric values): 1=Date - Year, 2=Date - Month, 3=Date - Day. Add any other output columns such as the Prin1 name and/or ID and the full Date value. That will give you a full chronological list of birth dates of these descendants. Hope this gives you ideas,
  3. Okay, Jim, I give up I have a new Win10 tablet and am trying to install TMG. It seemed to install (as administrator) just fine. I then ran the program (as administrator) and it opened just fine, asked for unlock, and that was successful. Exit and run as normal user. Opened just fine with the Welcome screen showing the serial number. Attempt to open the Sample project. The screen clears and the Toolbars all display, but the program just hangs. Task Manager says program not responding. Must abort the program through Task Manager. No backup programs (I disabled OneDrive) and no virus protection yet installed. Any suggestions? Help? I am guessing this is some permissions issue, but where should I look, and for what?
  4. Windows 10 TMG 9.05 "not responding"

    Not sure what the problem was. Compatibility mode got TMG to at least open the Sample project so I could change program settings. However based on Jim's comment that TMG doesn't need compatibility mode, I opened Properties on tmg.exe and turned off compatibility and the program now runs just fine. Very strange, but I am not arguing with success. Just glad to be up and running. For what it is worth, it is a tablet but I run in desktop mode.
  5. Windows 10 TMG 9.05 "not responding"

    Problem solved. TMG runs fine if and only if in compatibility mode for Windows Vista (Service Pack 2).
  6. Windows 10 TMG 9.05 "not responding"

    After unlocking running as Admin and exiting, I opened as Standard and it was already unlocked. Correct. Temporarily disabled for testing.
  7. Funny things happening

    Rowan, I agree that things really look strange. I looks like your database tables have a problem. Have you recently modified or moved your TMG database files or folders in any way? Have you started using some kind of cloud or automated backup program? You didn't mention so I wonder whether you have tried the Maintenance routines available in the "File" menu? Remember to do Optimize, followed by Validate File Integrity (VFI). Repeat those two until VFI shows no errors. Then do a final Optimize. If that does not work, you could run your V9 UK TMG installer program as Administrator and choose the Repair option. Report back on the results. If those don't work hopefully another one of us users may have an idea.
  8. Focus Groups not working

    When you open the Focus Group window you can click the "Load" button. That will popup a window with a list all your saved focus groups. In that window you can select them one-by-one and Delete them in this window. When done be sure to do the Maintenance routine of Optimize. That should also free up some of this space in these tables.
  9. Exhibits not resizing

    If you have stored any image exhibits as internal, you can use John's TMGU to extract them and store them as external exhibits, which will help.
  10. TMG 9.05 Input file read failure

    Is the destination folder being monitored by some automatic backup facility? If so, that will interfere with the writing of the backup.
  11. Weird database happenings

    Bob, I will let Jim Byram respond to your issue as he has more experience with database issues like yours. However, I did want to let you know that your topic was posted identically twice, so I deleted the duplicate.
  12. A fine mess

    Len, Jim has given you excellent advice. As he indicated "Since you have backed up, you are protected from mistakes." As an additional alternative, if you wish to know exactly what changes there are between two backup versions of a data set, this can be done because you have both a "before" and "after" copy of that data set. You can run two Individual Narrative reports, one on each of the versions of that data set, being careful to include all people and all tags and using the identical report options. Select the output for these two reports to be for a word processor (e.g. Word). Now (here's the trick) use the built-in feature of most word processors to "compare" what are expected to be two versions of the same document. Using the word processor's search facility on the comparison document you should be able to locate all additions, deletions, and changes. A bit tedious, but can be done. (Another reason to make periodic backups.) Hope this gives you ideas,
  13. Defining a search to set a flag

    John, I highly recommend Terry's book and his web site for excellent introductory explanations of the many features of TMG. Since you have his Primer, note that his discussion of using Filters begins on page 61. In addition you should review his on-line description of TMG filters which also discusses both Secondary Output and the Focus Group. That page can be found here: http://tmg.reigelridge.com/Filters.htm No question is foolish if you don't know and truly want the answer. So keep the questions coming, John. Hope Terry's explanations give you ideas,
  14. Defining a search to set a flag

    Probably not, John, those were probably my ramblings and I am probably older and more senile an old fool than you Hmm... How are you using a Filter in Second Site?? I am further confused. But soldiering on... I am "guessing" that you really mean you are using the above filter in a List of People report where you have the Secondary Output set a Flag based on this Filter. And then you use that Flag in Second Site??? Have I guessed correctly? Or how are you filtering Second Site? A TMG Filter like yours may?? be what you want, but I would suggest two changes to the above combined Filter: ( Surname // = Equals // Jones // OR Surname // = Equals // Smith // ) AND ( Name-Marr...// Surname // = Equals // Jones // OR Name-Marr...// Surname // = Equals // Smith // ) END Notice using the Surname name part and the parentheses which are required when you mix AND and OR conditions. Not sure what you mean by "refined" , maybe "defined"?? If your actual goal is to identify only those people who are direct descendants, plus spouses, of a given person, I suggest a better way in TMG is to use a Focus Group. Start with an empty Focus Group and add the common ancestor. Now with that person still selected in the Focus Group, check Descendants for the desired number of Generations, plus check Spouses, and with one click Add all these people to this Focus Group. (I would probably Save this Focus Group of people with an appropriate name for subsequent use.) Of course, descendants of a female who married will include the descendant children etc. with her husband's surname, which may not be what you want. Alternatively, if you have some how identified a group of people based on their surnames, and simply want all of their spouses added to that group, you could again use a Focus Group. Filter the Project Explorer for your group. With an empty Focus Group, Right-Click in the filtered PE and "Add all names to Focus Group". Now in the Focus Group "Select All", check "Spouses". A single Add Others click will now add all these peoples' spouses to this Focus Group. Now that you have these descendants and their spouses identified, run a List of People report Filtered by this Focus Group, and use the Secondary Output to set a unique Flag value for these people. Finally in Second Site set the option in Data//People to "Include" based on this Flag value, or create a Pages//User Items//Custom Index based on this Flag value, or whatever else you want to do in Second Site using the Flag which identifies these people. Yes, but as Jim and Terry warned, some TMG reports (such as various Ancestor and Descendant reports) intentionally generate information about many people based on the focus of the report being a single person. So be careful about which type of report you are generating. Hope this gives you ideas,
  15. Defining a search to set a flag

    John, You were not complete in describing your Search Filter. Assuming you mean the Picklist, there is no "Field" called "Name" and the AND does not seem to make sense. If you mean a Filter something like: Surname // = Equals // Jones // AND Surname // =Equals // Smith // END This doesn't make sense as a person can have only one Primary Name tag which will have only one Surname. Perhaps you are trying to filter some report? Which one, as different reports have different Filter possibilities. To make suggestions I would need to know first what you are filtering (Picklist, or some specific report) and second the exact Filter you are using. (You can change the values of the names if you wish to protect the guilty .)
  16. Mick, The use of the maintenance routines is always a good idea if problems pop up. However your sequence is not the one recommended. FIRST do file>maintenance>optimize (optimize will also do a reindex, so that separate action is not required) THEN do file>maintenance>validate file integrity IF the VFI produces any errors, repeat the above two steps. Finally, after VFI produces no errors do one last file>maintenance>optimize That should clean most everything up. (This is also a good time to do a Backup.) Hope this helps,
  17. TMG and Onedrive

    NO! NO! NO! Do not allow OneDrive to touch or monitor or do anything with the TMG data folders!! By personal experience this can corrupt your files and projects. Always ensure that all the TMG data folders are on your local disk and not under any control of a cloud or backup system. Run TMG only on local files on your local computer. You can then use TMG to make a Backup which will create an SQZ file. You can then move or copy that file either to a folder controlled by a backup system, or to a folder which is on the cloud. If you have external exhibit files you also can store copies on a backup system or a cloud. But everything TMG deals with should be on a local and unmonitored disk. Hope this is clear,
  18. Entering person's mother as new entry

    There is an easier way to do all this at once. In the child's (Karen) window double click on the "Mother" label for her primary mother. This will pop-up an Add Tag Entry for Mother-Bio, but the Parent field will have no ID number. Be sure your cursor is in this Parent field (which it should be by default) and just click the "person-+" Add-Person icon in upper right. This will give you the Add Person screen for a female (the mother) and when you OK out of everything she will automatically be linked as the Primary mother since that is how you started. Fewer clicks and things to remember. Hope this gives you ideas,
  19. Managing a data set in TMG 9.05

    I suggest you review Terry's Tips about merging projects and datasets: http://tmg.reigelridge.com/merging.htm
  20. No, David, these prefixes are trying to show you that a TMG Project can contain multiple separate data sets. I suggest you review Terry's Tips about merging datasets within a Project: http://tmg.reigelridge.com/merging.htm
  21. TMG on a FireHD 8 tablet questions

    You are most welcome, Judith
  22. Error when trying to open TMG

    Laura, Back in January you said you "just changed computers". In a personal message to me yesterday you said this new computer is a Windows 10 computer. What did you do to "install" TMG on this new computer? If you simply copied the TMG files of the program from the old computer's disk to the new that is undoubtedly the problem. To get TMG to correctly operate on a new computer you must actually run the TMG installer program for that version on that new computer. That installer links TMG correctly to the current operating system. Re-reading your error messages it seems possible you have data in your system register from an old operating system referring to paths which do not exist on the new operating system. That is what makes me think the program files were copied, not installed. Just fixing those registry entries will not be enough, you must actually install the program. In your personal message you said: The unlock screen needs three pieces of information: the "name" you used when you got your V8 license, the "email address" you were using then, and the V8 unlock code that Wholly Genes sent you back then to that email address. Is it possible that you still have access to your old computer with V8 running on it? If so open TMG on that computer, go to the Help menu, and select the last menu choice "About The Master Genealogist." That will list those three pieces of information: name, email, and Serial No (which is the unlock code). If you have lost your registration information, you can write support@whollygenes.com. They do on occasion still check that email address, but not very frequently. You should ultimately receive a response but please be patient in case it takes a while. Give them as much information to identify your registration as possible, and they may be able to help. If you don't have access to the V8 installer program, ask here and one of us will point to where you can download that version's installer program. However, I really strongly recommend that you consider upgrading to the final TMG version. I believe you still can buy a TMG9.05 license over the web by contacting Harry Goegebeur. That will give you new separate unlock data for that separate version's installer program. That final version will read V8 projects and update them to Version 9 so you can work on your existing projects with all the final features and bug fixes. Hope this gives you ideas,
  23. TMG on a FireHD 8 tablet questions

    Sorry Judith. TMG is strictly a Windows program. Unless there is some way to install Windows as the operating system instead of (or in addition to) Android, TMG will not install on this tablet. I have no experience with this tablet or platform, but will assume that it has a web browser program. An alternative which would at least let you "view" your TMG data would be to use Second Site on your Windows machine to create a set of web pages of your project. You could then load those files on your flash drive and "view" your project using the tablet's web browser. Sorry, but that is the best I can think of for using this tablet.
  24. "religion" on ancestor chart

    Glad to hear it, David. Ancestor charts with custom data in the boxes can be very useful. For example, if I know it I put the "cause" of death in Memo1 in the Death tag. Choosing that memo in a chart gives a really good indication of what illnesses run in the family.
  25. "religion" on ancestor chart

    I am not sure I understand Terry's reply either. Sure you can include information from "Other" tags on Ancestor or Descendant Charts. Exactly as you noted, go to the Data Types tab. Since the boxes are limited in size you can only include 9 entries in an Ancestor box, but one of these could be the Memo field from your Religion tag. Each of these 9 entries could be from a different tag type, but all people "of that type" will have the same 9 entries output. As you mentioned, in both Male and Female ancestor box types, click on one of the unused Box contents numbered buttons. Now scroll down in the popup list to find the Religion tag and select "Religion* Memo". That will output the memo from the Primary Religion tag for the person. You can only output the fields specified. But if you have entered their type of religion in the memo, this should work fine.